Three Indian soldiers killed in Kashmir border clashes

Kupwara: Indian Army Tuesday said that three of its soldiers were killed and one of them was beheaded by Pakistan army commandos in Jammu and Kashmir, the army said on Tuesday.

The killings took place in Machhal near the Line of Control in Kashmir.

“Retribution will be heavy for this cowardly act,” the army said in a statement.

The intruders, according to Army are believed to be from the Border Action Team of the Pakistan army, are believed to have escaped.

Last month, a soldier was killed and his body mutilated by terrorists. The army said “the incident will be responded to appropriately.”

Militants mutilated the body of 27-year-old Sepoy Mandeep Singh before running back into Pakistan administered Kashmir, under cover fire provided by Pakistan army. The Indian army said the incident reflected the barbarism pervading in official and unofficial organizations in Pakistan. (CNS)