Time to be offensive to counter present Indian aggression: Aasiyeh ‘Crucial juncture in K-Movement, don’t let it die down’

Srinagar,: Chairperson of Dukhtaran-e-Millat, Syedah Aasiyeh Andrabi, on Sunday said Kashmiris need to be offensive in their approach to counter the present Indian aggression and the brutality unleashed by its forces across Kashmir.

“It is not the time to stay inside homes or Masjids. This is a crucial juncture in the Kashmir’s resistance movement,” she said.

In a statement, Andrabi said that rather than asking people to stop protesting against the continuous repression by the Indian forces, the leadership must take an active part in the present movement and shouldn’t let it die down.

“As many as 21 persons including children and a girl have been brutally murdered by the Indian forces. In wake of such a repression, who could stay inside and do nothing. The present movement will prove to be a decisive factor in the Kashmiri resistance movement,” she added.

“The time for a defensive approach is over, it is time to be offensive,” she said.

Condemning the brutality unleashed by the JK police and other Indian forces across Kashmir, Andrabi said that these forces have become blood thirsty and were targeting everyone. “These murderers aren’t sparing anyone,” she added.

Paying glowing tributes to Hizbul Mujahideen commander Burhan Muzaffar Wani, Andrabi said that he gave a new life to the armed struggle against Indian occupation in Kashmir. “His innovative methods of resistance were extra-ordinary. Not only did he lend a new life to the armed resistance but by adopting these tactics and by his motivational speeches, he became a hero of Kashmiris,” she added.

She said that his innovative methods of resistance frustrated the Indian government and its stooges. “I pray that whosoever replaces this martyr Burhan, has the similar potential,” she added.

She said Burhan’s way of operating and his martyrdom was a new chapter in the history of resistance movement in Kashmir. “One Burhan has been martyred but India will now have to face thousands of Burhans who have taken the pledge to follow his footsteps,” she added.

She said that despite restrictions and curfew, people in lakhs participated in the Nimaz-e-Jinazah of Burhan. “As many as 40 Nimaz-e-Jinazah were held in Tral yesterday. Nimaz-e-Jinazahs were held in every nook and corner of Kashmir and the Muslim belt of Jammu,” she added.

The participation of such a huge number of people in the Nimaz-e-Jinazah and the protests that followed, should serve as an eye-opener for the Indian authorities. “The brutal Indian regime must understand what Kashmiris want. We are supporting and admiring the contribution of a personality who had waged an armed war against you (India). It is a clear indication that we want India out of Kashmir at all costs,” she said.

“The reaction by the Kashmiris to the martyrdom of Burhan and his associates is a clear referendum by Kashmiris against India.”