Toll plaza move aimed to choke Kashmir economy: Sehrai ‘It will trigger crisis in valley’

Chairman Tehreek-e-Hurriyat, Muhammad Ashraf Sehrai on Wednesday condemned imposing toll tax and newly established toll plaza in south Kashmir Sangam area of highway.
In a statement issued here, Sehrai said that “this move is yet another economical suppression on Kashmiris aimed to choke and cripple Kashmiri people on economic front.”

Sehrai alleged “it is an anti-people measure aimed to make the people of Kashmir struggle economically and beg even for travel. Such a move will choke the economy of Kashmir and trigger crisis in the valley.” Sehrai asked “government to withdraw the inhuman ban on public movement on the highway that is causing tremendous hardships for all segments of Kashmiri people and also revoke this toll Tax charging order on locals instead on outsiders and allow freedom of travel.”

Sehrai –while reacting on recently concluded parliamentary elections where more than 90% Kashmiris rejected the polls and gave a stern message to GoI and international community through a non-violent way that they are only interested in the final resolution of Kashmir issue and time has come to address it in its historical background, where people of Kashmir should be allowed to decide their political fate democratically as per their wishes and aspirations.
Sehrai hailed the unwavering association and commitment of Kashmiris with the movement despite facing continuous atrocities. “Kashmir issue has a historical legacy and it has to be resolved politically, so threats, intimidation and coercion can’t change the reality,” he said. “India have to face this reality now. If you have to pursue the military route which has been taken so far, then that is not the way and will only deteriorate the situation. We believe that Kashmir issue is a political issue. It can’t be solved by violence or military means.”
He said the GoI must shun its rigid stand in order to resolve this dispute peacefully. Sehrai said whether elections are held in India, Pakistan or Kashmir, the basic nature of the Kashmir dispute will remain the same till this issue is not resolved politically.