Torture widespread in Kashmir despite right activists' criticism

Back in 2010 the whistleblower site WikiLeaks revealed that International Committee of Red Cross, known as ICRC, had a secret briefing on the use of different torture techniques used by Indian security forces in Kashmir for confession. From being beaten to sexually harassed, torture victims have disclosed all.

But despite the revelation of this fact not much has changed for Kashmiri detainees. PressTv talked to Gautam Navlakha , one of the prominent Indian human rights defenders to know more. Government in Kashmir says the situation there is moving towards normalcy. However for many Kashmiris, the region appears to be ‘India’s highly militarized garrison’, where thousands continue to be detained, civilians are killed in peaceful marches, and more than 8000 man are still missing in the area since 1989 while not even a single prosecution has been conducted in this regard.

Rights defenders say it’s the time for international community to question India’s candidature in UN security council. For the past 6 decades Kashmir is being controlled by India and Pakistan ,as both lay claims over the region. This comes as Kashmir has witnessed intensified tensions since the inception of anti-India insurgency in 1989.

So far India has not allowed any international agency to conduct investigations in Kashmir nor has it prosecuted any of the security personal charged with crimes. Human rights defenders say as long as laws like armed forces special powers act and the act of disturbed areas continue to be in force, such violations will keep on turning out.