Kashmiri passengers including students returning to their homes here from foreign countries were stopped at the airport here for the second consecutive day today and sent to quarantine centres here till further orders.
However, other passengers are being allowed to go their respective homes after thermal screening.

Reports said that dozens of Kashmiri students, mostly girls studying in Bangladesh, returned here in various flights here today. They were stopped at the airport and asked to undergo thermal screening and then sent to various quarantine centres, set up in various hotels, hostels and other building. So were the students and other people returning from some other countries.

Officials said that the other passengers with no recent foreign visit history are being allowed to go homes after nothing adverse is found during thermal screening.

The parents of the students, put in quarantine centres, allege that the students are not being provided the required facilities in the centres. They also raised questions regarding overcrowding in the quarantine centres, which can make them vulnerable to spread of Coronavirus, they added.