Triumph of truth You cannot drag all along by sullied conscience

                                               ___             The admission from the senior
leader of ruling National Conference and former minister, whose allegiance to
the Sheikh dynasty ensured him the ministerial berth in every tenure of the
party right from eighties, though not a revelation to stun the readers, yet
coming as it is from the man of Sagar’s person, who outsmarted and outpaced
every Geelani critic in spewing venom on the iconic leader, reflects the
triumph of truth on falsehood and victory of principled stand on character
belongs to the party which has snared freedom-loving people of Kashmir in the cul-de-sac they are struggling to wriggle
out and for which over one lakh people they have sacrificed so far. This is the
party which exploited naïve Kashmiris and peppered their hunger for freedom in
the name of plebiscite, autonomy, Kashmiriyat, Naya Kashmir, Sabaz rumal and Pakistani namak; though at the same time it conspired in fastening
deep the military hegemony of New Delhi (which now is fast transiting to Moditva
Rashtra). On the fingertip even a suburban villager will narrate you the woes
it inflicted on him but thanks his naivety, he led himself to be stung many a
and the pro-movement groups expose NC’s double-speak and double-standard and
inevitably had to face the wrath of the party when it sprung to power. But as
it was the Geelani’s uncompromising stance that tore apart the deceiving
apparatus of the NC aimed to drag people into Indian slavery, the party did everything
to break the resolve of Geelani and his group. As a stooge of Delhi, NC
implemented what it was directed.
cannot’, the party stalwarts (Sagar, the forerunner) droned, ‘claim
representative character of Kashmir’. At other
times he was condemned as ‘murderer’ and ‘fundamentalist’ by the NC. And mind
it, Sagar wrestled other down in this vilification campaign directed against
stark realities are exacting confessions from the men dyed in the hate colors
of Geelani. Sagar seems victim of his own conscience.  
is finding it hard to drag by sullied conscience. His moorings are too small to
withstand the onslaught of truth. Hence the admission of Geelani as a ‘leader
of the people’.
admission immediately takes the rug under the feet of all pro-Indian groups.
That despite showcasing ‘people’s mandate’ through electoral exercises by the
Indian lackeys, Geelani is the credible voice of the people, who, in true
sense, represents the genuine aspiration of Aazadi loving people. That also reflects
that elections are only farce to hoodwink the world community.
si in pace to mention that Sagar’s remarks followed the grand reception
accorded to Geelani in Sopore (1st November, 2013) soon the siege of
his house was lifted. His release after nearly three years imprisonment and
house arrest was a calculated move by the authorities to see the public
response. Thousands of people surging in jubilation and commitment to Aazadi
drove the hard reality home to Indians and its surrogates in Srinagar. 
the Ombudsman (conscience) conscience forced him to grimace and admit, it won’t
be too much in asking NC, in particular Sagar himself, to resign and file in
the ranks of Huryat led by Geelani. But power lust leaders know how to drug
their conscience. They have devised number of acrobatics to garrote their