Troublesome Developments For Indian Occupied Kashmir (IoK) Under Operation All Out

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Troublesome Developments For Indian Occupied Kashmir (IoK) Under Operation All Out

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Kashmir has suffered at the hands of India for the past 71 years. Mass rapes, genocide, disappearances and detention, children as small as 5 years old and men as old as 90 years have faced oppression and violence in some form or way at the hands of the BSF. The economic and infrastructural situation in IoK is in shambles because of this. The people of IoK are deprived of many basic facilities, they lack access to quality education, infrastructural development, technology, entrepreneurial assets and abilities, natural resources, capital and medical facilities.

The severity of the situation can be assessed from the report by Doctors Without Borders. It detailed the increasing mental health issues (45% affected approx 1.8 million) in the valley since 1989 because of the continued military presence of one of the largest occupation forces in the world (approx 6.5 – 7.5 lakhs armed personnel) and oppression of the public. Depression, Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and anxiety disorders are on the rise because of the constant trauma faced by the people of Kashmir, targeted daily by the BSF.
Calling freedom fighters and stone pelters as terrorists and dubbing their struggle as terrorism is India’s way of justifying the growing HR abuses by its judicially immune security forces. The state backed oppression and terrorism against the people of J&K is a fascist program to break the will of the Kashmiris who demand their right to plebiscite and freedom from barbaric Indian rule. What India does not realize is that by trying to subjugate the people of IoK through force and humiliation, it has in fact enflamed and renewed their drive for freedom, resulting in the increase in freedom fighters and militants in the region.

After the killing of Burhan Wani in 2016, the unrest peaked in the valley and people regardless of age and gender dissented against the occupant forces. India responded by blinding and murdering people, causing an uproar in the international community against India’s Human Rights violations. This led to the inception of “Operation All-Out”, an initiative to “drive out” militancy from IoK.

On the surface, Operation All Out sounds like one of the many military-government initiatives taken by most countries to counter the growing threat of terrorism. However, there are reasons to doubt the intentions of the Indian government and military.

For one, there is a strong suspicion that under the garb of cleaning out terrorists, India is in fact cleaning out the Muslim minority that inhabits IoK. This suspicion arouses from the continuously circulating news that many civilians are being targeted during the operation, either killed or detained under false accusations. The Indian army is, no doubt, capable of such activity given the history of abuse in IoK committed by the security forces. Secondly, schemes such as “Ghar Wapsi”, that force-convert people of other religions to Hinduism, are government led initiatives of religious extremism against minorities. Under the BJP regime, crimes against religious minorities and marginalized communities have increased tenfold as documented by Human Rights Watch. As of 2017, India has been declared unsafe for religious minorities, especially Muslims.

The 2018 report by UN on the mass Human Rights violations committed in IoK is testament to the ill practices of security forces and government against the Muslim population of Kashmir. A government-led initiative to strip J&K public of their special rights under constitution is also proof of malicious intent of the government to re-engineer the valley. It is imperative to mention that all such moves are unwelcome because IoK is an occupied territory and does not belong to India.

Amongst the increasing violence against Muslims, human rights violations, lack of development, government-led subjugation of Kashmiris and the justified demand for freedom by IoK, a military intervention is not the answer. The solution does not lie in reengineering the valley to drown out the Muslim voice but it lies in respecting it. The Kashmiri population of IoK is entitled to long-promised plebiscite it has been demanding for the past 71 years. That is the solution India should seek and the only route left for salvation.

Article By: Bia Fakhar