Twitch of anxiety, corrosion of conscience


            When mind is corrupted, the ailing body loses the fulcrum of hygiene. Twitch of anxiety and corrosion of conscience exacts the price, the exterior loses the varnish of make-believe and the inner stink gushes out. This smudged mentality gets unveiled the harder way on many occasions by Darbar lackeys themselves, exposing the Indian claim on Kashmir simultaneously. These tailored dummies which are showcased as peoples representatives are groomed to help New Delhi perpetuate its military rule. Their oft-repeated claims on democracy notwithstanding, even an innocuous activity stings them badly. They scream and cry, growl and grimace. Recently Supreme Court of India granted the electorate the right to reject candidates. In its landmark judgment (27 September) the apex court first time allowed voter to cast negative vote reflecting that none of the candidates is worth of his vote. The court asked the election commission to provide None Of The Above (NOTA) button on EVMs and ballot papers. It said the right to vote and right to say NOTA are part of basic rights of voters and a part of fundamental right to freedom of speech and expression.

            Always guilty conscious, reflective of their lack of public support – despite their participation in election farce and arrogating to themselves the ‘representative’ character – the Darbar stooges strive to seal everything porous and settle in a cocoon of delusion. The deceptive ambience gives them sense of pleasure.

            Apprehensive of their deceitful exterior getting torn apart, the state Congress Unit has pleaded Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and UPA chairperson Sonia Gandhi to skip Kashmir from implementing NOTA. They fear the option will provide pro-movement groups an opportunity to subvert the electoral process in the state and validate their politics. The minister of medical education and congress leader Taj Mohiudin grumble that the provision would ‘strengthen the hands of separatists’ as it would indirectly invite referendum against New Delhi. ‘If you give such an option to the people, it will mean giving a boycott option to separatists and in a way it will boost those who are against the democratic set up’. Taj added.

            Wanting an exception to JK state in the implementation of NOTA right, the Darbar puppets stand fully exposed in their faith on democracy. And it was not an executive order, the verdict was declared by Supreme Court, they say is the temple of justice. The statement of Taj is an open acknowledgment by a pro-accession politician of the support base the resistance camp has. The lingering fear is too much discernible. And it is this: Given a democratic option to secede from India or to express dissent, an overwhelming majority of Kashmir people will vote in favor of Azadi. This shows that Azadi camp is not a spent force, despite various restrictions imposed on the leaders, especially Syed Ali Shah Geelani and his Hurayat.

            Incidentally, if Darbar concedes the request of the local Congress leaders and NOTA right is not extended to Kashmir, would it not authenticate the same fallout. That New Delhi is holding Kashmir by sheer military might. And pro-Indian parties have no public support.

            The fact of the matter is that resistance leadership is loath at taking the NOTA option seriously. Geelani is spearheading boycott which he says has to9 be all-comprehensive. To remain indoor, irrespective of the bait offered by Delhi or Indian judiciary.

            Taj’s frustration in its ultimate analysis shows the imperialistic edifice has no moral and legal basis. It rests solely on military hubris and the system have stooges like Taj to hoodwink the world.