UN Must Stop Playing Dead on Kashmir

It was only right for the UN Secretary General, Mr. Ban Ki-Moon to speak against the escalation of violence by the Indian security forces which has left 36 innocent Kashmiris dead in several separate massacres since June 11, 2010.  Indian Foreign Ministry was predictably hysterical about the Secretary General’s relatively mild criticism of the handling of the civilian protests by India. Indeed the situation called for a more forceful condemnation and call for restraint by Mr. Ban Ki-Moon and other moral and political leaders.

Indian tantrums at any such statements from world leaders are very unfortunate, but not surprising at all. It is very typical and very Indian, when it comes to any criticism of its dismal political and human rights record in Kashmir. India has literally been getting away with murder in Kashmir for the last 63 years. At the same time it has been singularly the most hypocritical nation when it comes to claiming moral high ground on other international issues. The world community has been turning a blind eye to its shabby treatment of its own minorities in general and the people of Kashmir in particular. It takes cover of the democratic garb, while trampling universally recognized human rights and due process.

The UN is guilty of pampering the abuser of Kashmir just because it is a democracy. It is guilty of allowing India to operate in defiance of the UN Security Council Resolution on Kashmir. UN is indirectly complicit in the genocide that is taking place in the valley today. Had the world body been even-handed in dealing with all parties at all times, India would have been forced to pull its military forces out and implemented plebiscite in Kashmir over sixty years ago. Having successfully defied the UN mandate India has turned Kashmir into the killing fields at its will. There is no one to stop its rogue forces from killing, pillaging, gang-raping and destroying one of the most beautiful counties in the world. As said before Indian forces have gotten addicted to Kashmiri booty and blood. They are not going to want to leave Kashmir to Kashmiris unless the world community exerts moral, economic, diplomatic and diplomatic pressure on New Delhi. Kashmiris have given and are continuing to give immense sacrifices for freedom and liberty, but more needs to be done by the world community at large.

We welcome the statement of the Pakistani Foreign Minister, Mr. Shah Muhammad Qureshi calling upon India to show restraint in dealing with innocent civilians. He is absolutely right in showing solidarity with Kashmir and promising to continue his country’s moral, political and diplomatic support for the right of self-determination of Jammu and Kashmir. That statement too seemed to irk the hypersensitive New Delhi establishment, and once again to no body’s surprise.

 In its bristling and brazen attacks on leaders and nations who question its heavy-handedness, Indian leaders have been camouflaging and concealing a deep seated sense of insecurity about its increasing international clout, coexisting side by side with endemic and institutionalized socioeconomic disparities and layer upon layer of poverty. It has also been painstakingly trying to defend a morally, politically, legally and diplomatically indefensible historic blunder of illegal invasion and occupation of Jammu and Kashmir.

There is no reason for the Secretary General’s office to pussy-foot around Indian cantankerous reaction. It not only has the right, but the moral and legal responsibility to hold India responsible for the inhumane conduct of its military administration in Kashmir. After all Kashmir is occupied by India in violation of UN mandate. Protection of its citizens is UN’s legal responsibility.
India must not be allowed to dictate. It must be dictated to since it has become a pariah state.