UN report on HR violations

The release of recent report on Human Rights violation in Kashmir is potentially denting the democratic stature of India.

Rejecting the report is not the answer, India is doing. Contesting is right they are free to avail and prove the findings wrong.

But the best approach was to take pause, accept, be it covertly, and act boldly to defend the name they are known to the world.

Escapism is an easy way to tackle the crisis for time being- a little time indeed. If it is let to be piled up, it will find its routes itself to disperse beyond management. That will be a state rapture. And, that is both way- socially and politically, harmful.

One, continuous rights violation, an all the way oppression beyond the frontiers of humanity. Second, image crisis of the nation as being the largest democracy, never a good thing they should see to happen.

The facts and figures in the report are not fudged for a valid reason as the observations are mostly based on the state sources. They are on record in state institutions. That is why the simple denial was thought to be the way out.

The nation which has five thousand years known history and contribution in building civilisations seemingly fall short of arguments. That is what makes the case different. It is being considered a half victory in resistance mindset. When actions are not justified, the audacity ends up in fiasco. Quite simple. That makes the point not to be ignored.

UN is not pragmatic. Certainly, it lacks knees to bring the defaulters on mat. But its observations, resolutions and recommendations remain on record. They mobilise the public opinion at least, if nothing more they could do.

Intellectuals, sometimes big brains with wide range of acceptability, ponder over them and reproduce the facts and events in their objective style of writings, speeches and papers. That definitely puts the defaulters at back-foot in the cardon of arguments and commentaries.

At the end of the day, hegemony is embarrassed in the hall of intellectual debates. Facts speak and rule over the propaganda. There is only reason which echoes and reverberates.

Denial without valid cause and moving head in negation could do at home but in the forum of intelligentsia, it never does.

Definitely, a general belief is that such reports carry no weight so is a futile exercise. But, the reports are not usual statements and comments by UN officials being expressed over some gruesome incident or so.

Reports are mostly prepared under professional surveillance applying scientific ways and methods to draw conclusions. That is why scholars and researchers are more interested in such kind of studies.

Facts are brought to the front to maximum. What lacks is the follow up action by the executive bodies. That is the reason for perception-toothless entities.

The resolutions/recommendations of late forties in UNO are still being invoked vis-a-vis Kashmir. Surely, India wishes those not to have been there.

Because, it has been contesting them for almost seventy long years. It is always a source of disturbance for them because of its different status than a mere statement. The ultimate objective of the resolutions is a political one.

Yes or no to the sovereign state or loyalty to some other is anyway a big challenge. That is why they still seem to be hard to bring in practice.

But the consternating report on rights violation in Kashmir is something more pervasive than earlier record in UNO.

The issues raised in the report are more human than political. It reveals the facts not corresponding to the growing influence of India in international relations.

India has to feel its heat now and in the years to come in a stronger way than what it has been facing vis-a-vis UN resolutions.

I think the strategy India has been adopting to tackle the issue is wrong and begot wrong consequences now at global level. The approach abundantly caused alienation which leads to escalation in militancy.

The escalation again invites force resulting in huge violation of rights whether it brings down the rising militancy or not.

And, in the arena of citizen journalism where nothing remains concealed in the over saturated digital atmosphere.

Good or bad, every subtle activity is recorded by anyone and in a jiffy it goes viral and reach even to the remotest corners.

So, every conscious individual remains careful all the time in such circumstances. I wonder how some state or non-state actors vandalise the concept of human rights in a barbarian way, make footages and then upload them on unrestricted social media. This is insanity at display or hegemony at its highest.

Kashmiris are generally loving people and always admire the love being extended to them from anywhere.

In the turmoil hit situation, it has been seen often when some security personal or officer show a soft attitude even in the tough situation, people never ignore that, rather appreciate and make a good buzz of that.

Similarly, the case of IG Traffic is visible example of collective nature of Kashmiris who by virtue of his different attitude is received in a quite different way by the people.

It needs no explanation but exposes the ways how Kashmiris should have been treated at the minimum cost of life and property.