UN resolution and Kashmir remedy

UN resolution and Kashmir remedy

May 27, 2018

Peace in Kashmir has been hijacked by the permanent members of Security Council

UN resolution and Kashmir remedy

Prof.Firdoos Ahmad Itoo

Kashmir the beautiful place has been once related with paradise by the Mughal emperor who once said ‘if there is paradise anywhere on this planet it is here it is here.’

The same paradise is under fire from last many decades, but, no one around raised to the occasion that could have offered any solution which must had brought peace back into this blazing paradise.

Whereas, the people of Kashmir feel that peace in Kashmir is possible only if what they call ‘United Nations resolution of Kashmir’ is followed in letter and spirit.

Hence, it becomes imperative to revisit the same document and find whether such thing is realistically possible today or the people of this place need to come out of this resolution euphoria.

Back in 1948, it was UN who considered the complaint of the Government of India concerning the dispute over the State of Jammu and Kashmir and after hearing the representative of India in support of that complaint and the reply and counter complaints of the representative of Pakistan, the security council was strongly opined that the early restoration of peace and order in Jammu and Kashmir is essential and that India and Pakistan should do their utmost to bring about cessation of all fighting.

Albeit, same urgency had raised today but unfortunately United Nation is watching the whole human rights violation as a mute spectator and no action is taken against India and Pakistan who are brutally killing the innocent on daily bases across the line of control.

Does this mean UN has become now a futile entity for the World or it is to be accepted that due to their biased nature their decrees are making no impact on people who perpetrate or transport state terrorism anywhere in the world?

If it was desired once by India and Pakistan that the question of the accession of Jammu and Kashmir to India or Pakistan should be decided through the democratic method of a free and impartial plebiscite, considering that the continuation of the dispute is likely to endanger international peace and security, then why UN is not forcing both countries to execute the same on ground level?

Today India and Pakistan are following the path which is destructive in nature, but still no remedial measures are taken which may help the two nations to deescalate the tension both inside Valley and on borders.

Why for these countries J&K had become commodity? Why they are looking into this matter through political prism only? Why people of both countries are watching the oppression quietly? Is humanity being hijacked by the political terrorists?

However, it can be said today that the peace in Kashmir has been actually hijacked by the permanent members of Security Council who had failed in fulfilling the actual spirit of United Nations Security Council.

They always led this organization to act according to their own interests and equations, due to which time and again the said organization had failed in delivering it duties anywhere in the world.

On the one hand, the Security Council document reads the instructions that the Commission should proceed at once to the Indian subcontinent and there place its good offices and mediation at the disposal of the Governments of India and Pakistan with a view to facilitating the taking of the necessary measures, both with respect to the restoration of peace and order and to the holding of a plebiscite by the two (Governments, acting in co-operation with one another and with the Commission.

It further instructs the Commission to keep the Council informed of the action taken under the resolution; and, to this end but at other end the countries who form Security Council veto the proceedings only to make either of countries happy. Hence, expecting resolution is going to happen is not more than illusion.

Unfortunately, today same UN is failing in making the people accountable for their crimes which they are inflicting on commoners across the globe. Today world is facing the brunt of autocratic set up.

All across the globe negative thoughts are spread and people are forced to decide things on communal lines. Under such circumstance if people with human heart and positive intellect distance themselves from politics then they should not feel sorry about the daily happing’s.

Revenge is always barbarous, and savage and there’s nothing civilized about it. Both, ethically as well as sensibly such thing always opens doors of misery and apathy. We can make one another feel comfortable and secure, the moment we start talking to each other in friendly atmosphere.

One doesn’t get how India and Pakistan could be so selfish and careless, about the people who too are humans and deserve a peaceful life. Kashmir has been sandwiched by these sister countries and there seems no end to their atrocities.

Will ever these politicians and their forces start behaving humanly? The moment they’ start talking to each other peace is directly felt on ground in Kashmir.

Unfortunately, from last three years the hostile condition of the two States had kept Kashmir boiling due to which peace has lost its way again.

Nonetheless, time has reached where people above region and religion should come forward and should give their sincere effort and provide any solution to this waxed K-issue.

If it is true that two hundred guns are not going to defeat Indian might then it is also the fact that the mighty India had failed to keep Kashmir under control militarily.

If both, India and Kashmir, had not reached to any conclusion through this formula of fight then what is the way forward. For any sensible person it is dialog which is indeed the only way forward.

It is important to understand that still United Nation Security Council is existing hence, expecting that things which had happened in past can be totally deleted is simply impossible.

Let’s give patient hearing to each other, let’s work together for the peaceful resolution of Kashmir.