UN resolutions are like Title Deeds denying ownership to the aggressor

                  Professor Abdul Gani Bhat for the last so many years seems infatuated of his own self. Encapsulated in a world of his own fantasies and self-delusions. Cast in that fame the ‘leader’ he will not mind in breaking his silence in a manner that would evoke sniggers turning even Quixotes in the grave to rupture in laughter. He is a con artist in grabbing media attention, knowing fully well that short lived prominence earned can relieve him from claustrophobia he continues to suffer for lack of public support.

            Addressing a seminar at the Huryat (Mirwaiz) headquarters in Srinagar last week the Muslim Conference leader again poured his venom on Security Council resolutions that are central to the Kashmir dispute and bind it in an international agreement giving it the political and diplomatic legitimacy and legality. Professor has again growled at, what he termed as ‘drum-beating’ of UN resolutions. He said UN does not care about the sufferings of people of Kashmir and called it ‘a dead wood’.

            Before we will analyze the statement of the leader, who has been shooting his mouth too often on the issue of grave implications, we have to look at it in the context. Every year 5th of January in remembered as a day when the Security Council in 1948 passed a historical resolution that not only rejected the Indian claim on Kashmir but gave people of Kashmir right to self determination, which both India and Pakistan accepted. Even the UN body, in the aftermath of the resolution(s), appointed plebiscite administrator and UNMOGIP (United Nations Military Observers Group for India and Pakistan). It is because of UN resolutions that we have UN observers stationed in Srinagar and Muzaffarabad who are traveling in White jeeps. The very inclusion and remaining intact of the resolutions on UN charter and presence of UN observers across Line of Control is a proof that Kashmir is a dispute demanding settlement in accordance with the manner already admitted by the world community and India and Pakistan. True the World Body, because of its conflicting ambitions failed in implementing the resolution which led India to back out of its plebiscite pledge, that, however, does not make the UN resolutions ‘redundant’ and ‘impracticable’  (the terms Professor Gani used in his speech at his native village Botingoo in early 2012).

            Indians used its all diplomatic and political influence to de-list the resolutions from the UN charter and get offices of UN observers closed here in Srinagar. But with efforts of Pakistan and other countries the resolutions stuck there. It is obvious that only India is going to get benefited if world body drops the resolutions. Professor Gani’s bellowing in his regard is a sweet music to the ears of Indians and these gyrations from him are sure to be received with accolades from Delhi. The recasting of Professor Gani in a new avatar obliterates the difference between pro-resistance grouping led by Mirwaiz and the Indian mainstream parties like NC and PDP. In fact, for fear of public back leash, the pro-Indian leadership have not plummeted themselves to such a level. And what is more appalling? Huryat (M) supreme Mirwaiz continues to allow Bhat indulge in such anti-moment activities. Like the way he enjoyed Professors ‘redundant’ remarks at Botingoo, at Huryat office too he last week accorded tacit recognition to Bhat when he again started denuding Kashmir off its international status. Lack of any disciplinary action against Bhat make Mirwaiz and his Huryat faction complicit in Bhat’s actions.

            Resolutions passed by the United Nations are like Title Deeds which deny ownership to the aggressor. These differentiate an occupationist from a victim, the aggrieved party. UN resolutions do not recognize states accession to India nor accord legitimacy to state run elections. Indian occupation of our territory is violative of the international norms and international law. The land grabbed on the strength of military might cannot entitle India the rightful claim on Kashmir. It cannot legitimize its military hold. They serve us the legal instrument having the seal of international law. You get them erased, Kashmir will automatically be scripted off the disputed character, it will win the title of integral part, akin to that Haryana, Bengal or Punjab. Our inability our weakness in not forcing evacuation of Indian forces cannot rob us off our genuine demand nor seal ownership of the aggressor. For, occupation is evil no law or norm can defend.