United Nations, recognized as the world’s highest body for resolving critical issues and conflicts. No doubt it handled many and resolved them with care, but has been a victim of aberrant policies. One of the biggest achievements of United Nations till now is it kept third world war away from the scene. But this is also a rare fact that it kept alive certain sparks which may trigger this unfortunate war. These sparks include some old and some new. Old ones include the issues of Kashmir and Palestine. Both these are the buttons of nuclear war fare. We know that the conventional wars are not the solutions of recent conflicts. If these conflicts need any military solution then nuclear wars have to be fought, because modern warfare includes many items of nuclear technology. Kashmir on one hand is caught between three nuclear powers while as on the other hand Palestine is the victim of modern warfare produced by the latest technologies of USA and Israel. Both these two producers of modern warfare are having more dangerous ammunition.

The United Nations right from its beginning (1945) is dealing with these two critical issues (Kashmir and Palestine). But unfortunately it did nothing in resolving such issues which are very much dangerous to the world peace. One of the biggest problems in which UN is caught is that it served and is serving the interests of USA rather than the interests of humanity. It supports those causes where USA finds its share, it passes those resolutions which gets vote and nod of the USA and it supports those aggressions which has USA as a main player. Recently we saw NATO attacks in Libya patronized by the USA with no objection of UN, whatever the reason was behind but supported the people’s voice and when it comes the cause of Palestine the UN watches the whole scene as a mute spectator. USA the main founder of Jewish territory in the lands of Arab Muslims (Palestine) had made the lives of innocent people a hell, because it supported a state with no past. We know that after the deadly attacks made by the Christians (Hitler) in Germany Jews were taken to the Arab Muslim lands and were made the permanent residents of Palestine, so separate nation came on the globe known as Israel. This new creation gave rise to a new geopolitical issue in the world and the Palestine saw the innocent blood bleeding. Jews not only occupied the lands in Palestine but occupied the seats of policy makers in the world. And they got the foreign support along with the United Nations. This geopolitical issue became a conflict not only between two nations but between two religions, two ideologies and two regions. As the time passed by this conflict converted a large land with huge population a hostage. Many thousand people including children, old and women lost their lives. During the initial stage Israeli Jews saw some increasingly violent opposition from the Palestinians and these Jews were aided to defend. But after some time they grew in number and became cruel the oppressors.

The aggression of Israel made the Palestinian land as a test ground for their arms and ammunition. They exercised their military in the land of Palestine. The conflict between Palestine and Israel continued and witnessed many changes. One of the severe changes is the division of Palestine into two parts west Bank and Gaza Strip. The two habitations were left unconnected. These two parts have two different governing bodies, Palestinian Authority governing West Bank and Islamist group Hamas is governing the Gaza Strip. Hamas the most loved group never bowed down their head towards the Israeli tactics and many a times answered the aggression with military means. Hamas founded by the well known personalities of Palestine has become one of the praised and well supported parties of Palestine especially in Gaza Strip. One of its beloved and spiritual leader Sheikh Ahmad Yaseen was also killed in a deadly missile attack of Israel. Recently in 2007 at least 1300 lives were lost in Palestine when one Israeli soldier was captured alive by the Hamas. In retaliation to this single capture Israeli forces attacked Gaza and killed 1300 innocent lives and United Nations not said a single word. Uttering a word is too far it did not condemn the deadly attacks. Is this any face of humanity? Many times Israel cordoned the Palestinian land and during the siege Israel kept Palestinian people away from the basic amenities of life such as food, medicine, telephone, internet etc. Their movement was curbed and connection with rest of the world was not allowed. And the whole world was watching it clearly. For humanity when Turkey send its aid for the Palestinian people the crew members were attacked and killed. After these cruelties United Nations never condemned the attacks made by the Israel.

Question of this conflict and its answer cannot be confined to these two nations only but the intention of Israel is to make it a Jewish state which is a threat to the Muslim World. History is witness that how strangers became the occupiers and then the oppressors. The Jewish community first started to live and then started to grab the land. They are making new colonies day by day and the settlers were provided with the arms. The land which has religious importance was converted into the land of war. Tourist flow vanished and Palestinians were thrown on the mercy of God. Many leaders came and went, tried to solve this issue but Israel showed leniency towards it. They remained away from the table because they have framed certain policies and intentions which include how to harm the Muslims and how to grab their land. Once Israel stood at the back and took defensive measures and now has another face of cruelty and offensive measures, as it got patronizing showers from the USA. Israel also involved more nations such as Jordon, Lebanon and Egypt in this conflict. This shows its intentions for the future. Whatever happened in the Middle East the United Nations is not only a mute spectator but patronizing the aggression.

If this conflict has to see an end then United Nations has to become a full fledged patron and boss of the world affairs. It has to frame the policies which will make USA a subordinate and which should be in favour of humanity not in favour of Jews. On the other hand Arab League and OIC (Muslim World) has to compete with the United Nations in order to resolve the conflict. Muslim World should realize this fact that the intentions of Israel are against them and UNO has lost its incredibility while dealing with the conflict because it is serving the policies framed by the Jew community and it is their job to play a vital role in resolving the issue. Muslim nations have to join together and to make a strong voice against the cruelties and aggressions. When pro Israel nations are helping the never existed state then why not 1.5 billion Muslims cannot help a nation like Palestine. The Muslim World should press UNO and demand its positive role in resolving the problems and for better solutions. On the other hand it is the job of UNO to prepare grounds for permanent peace otherwise third world war and a future crusade war is not far away.

Author is a Kashmiri scholar. Email: ishaqbeghkullar@gmail.com