US court verdict on Dr. Fai Neither shocked , nor stunned, but expected


            The pro-resistance leaders across the Line of Control have expressed ‘shock’ and ‘surprise’ over an American court’s judgment sentencing  Dr. Ghulam Nabi Fai to two years imprisonment . Some of them have termed it ‘unfortunate’. I, for one, would term this kind of response from our resistance leadership as ‘unfortunate’ ‘shocking’ and ‘surprising’. What would you expect from a state that believes in and practices double-standard and flaunts publicly that  it has only its “national interests” the permanent friends. Others have to fall as concubines used and thrown when needed. Human rights, liberty ethical values and human dignity , its track record shows, swaps meaning and interpretation when American state’s hegemony experiences a little scratch on its rhinocerean skin.  Then you have Abu Gareebs rising  up in the pyramids of shame, farm animals of human  chained in Guantanamo bay, extra-ordinary renditions for subverting  International law and giving third degree  torture to the prisoners.
            In absolute  self belief Americans are convinced that America can only do good . it sees, speaks, and hears no evil. It never can. That is how it has created its “New World Order”. Its own Shariah which it wants to impose on the unwilling world.
            Washington always remains obsessed in inflicting shock-therapies. When and how, has to be its own timing and choice. You expect shocks, get stunned from friends. From where you have  invested  heavily in trust. Where you are valued, honored, respected. But where your existence is threatened , yours nation’s sovereignty is hemorrhaged  off its pride and dignity by drone attacks or by Sael invasions, your people are killed by spy agents of Americans and then whisked away by-passing law of the land, you can’t be shocked or surprised.  In the same manner the development becomes ‘unfortunate’ when you have pinned hope of reaping a better crop from someone’s good efforts.
            Here we are reaping bitter crop from our follies.  Of our own gullibility. We are trying to milk cows which dupe us with phantom breasts. We have to remember that in a world where commercial interests hold superior to human dignity , geo-politics wears a new look. Don’t we know it is a “golden era”; the  Americans are in romance with India at present. Frolicking on the beaches of Indian hospitality  , they are fixing head money , never heard for a “untraceable” moving  and waking and talking over the ground . In broad day light .in the latest honey-moon the US can do whatever its beloved craves for.

            Considering this bone-homie between India and the US , even if the veteran Kashmiri scholar , who truly served Kashmiri cause for