Vale of tears ‘needs’—III

Who will save the vale?
The vale is robbed by all and sundry: the puny and the sturdy. No corner, no creature, no life and no mass have been successful in escaping the time to time wrath.

The vale is bleak like an assaulted bride, robbed off of all the adornments and trinkets that gave a face-lift to it. The hapless and helpless dale is bleeding profusely, not the colours of Henna but the dreams of time.

The distressed vale is awaiting balm of revival. The branches of it are scattered here and there with the fuming forces pulling them further apart. The axe of division is carving splinters which are far more toxic than the lethal guns.

However, the zeal and zest to survive keeps the candle of hope living.

The wailing and weeping widows lying colourless with their team of waifs need a hand of humanity to fill their lives with vibrant colours. Their perished dreams require replanting with the care of motherly fondness and extreme nourishing amid the minerals of pure sweetness.

Promises of ‘Pani, Bijli, aur Sadkey’ won’t be of any assistance until the basic needs are under constant peril of extinction. The slogan of ‘Pani, Bijli, aur Sadkey’ has benefited only a few while the rest of us are still craving to breathe and struggling to survive.

The nature, on the other hand, needs tender nurturing and tremendous fostering. It needs to be tamed before it grows out in a gigantic monster that devours rest of the creatures.

The drains and fields that are spilling with the blood of blamelessness call for immediate irrigation to uplift a large deprived centre of population. Blood revolution needs to be replaced by white and green revolution. The green grooves yearn for the return of green gold.

The feelings of brotherhood are to be cultivated to bear the fruits of oneness among people of all walks of life. The dale can no more afford to be divided on religious convictions.

The diminishing and declining respect and admiration for the older folk are a matter of lose sleep for each and every one. Our sense of duty towards them needs to be lit again so that the darkness of rawness is vandalised.

The guns need to be made quiet, now and now only, for the valley wants that stillness to rummage around its missing beauty. The hope to rise is not up till now dead, the hope to fight is not yet done.

The vale can no more afford to be a bone of contention. It needs to search its existence. It needs immediate mercy from all corners.

Who can put the nature and man in their right places but the young energetic force, the boiling blood, the youth of this nation?

A generation of creative thinkers and intellects need to be given birth from the wombs of uncompromising mothers. Pain and labour bore by those mothers can make us reap the best harvest for the seasons to come. The youth, the building block of this nation, is the only force that alone can make this crippled vale to walk again. The dead souls need the air of rebirth to wake them up from a deep slumber.
This vale needs an army of youth who are determined to imbibe the class in themselves that can do much good to the society. Youth of moral fiber need to come forward and lift up the morals of little and the old.
Vale needs a fair fairy and her magical wand to spell away the winds of distress and bliss it with the heavenly harmony that will return to it, its past glory.

Oh fair Fairy! Bless the youth of Vale vigour and vitality to combat with all the ill forces. Infuse in their cranium the highly prolific intellect and richness to make the best use of it. Filter their blood from all the impurities and grow in their tender hearts the blossoms of love and unity. Build in them the muscles of iron so as to pull down the walls of hatred. Replenish their organs with boldness and heroism to fight for the vale with valour and courage. Bring out of them dedicated politicians who think of the nation prior to their own needs.
Oh Fair Fairy!
Give it time to rebuild,
Give it time to be strong,
Give it time to be tough,
Give it time to put back together,
Give it time to mend,
Give it time to recover,
Give it time to restore,
Give it time to refurbish,
Give it time to reinstate.

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