Ventriloquist's dummy

            Once again New Delhi let go the opportunity of presenting its true democratic profile and rub off the black spots on its face when it comes Kashmir. And once again pro-establishment regional parties failed to impress people of Kashmir that they represent them not Delhi.
            28th September has exposed the hypocrisy, double-speak and double-standard of ruling alliance and opposition, both. The high drama stage managed on the floor of the J and K legislative assembly on the day to stall discussion {read again discussion} on the innocuous resolution moved by an independent member Engineer Rashid has reinforced the perception that the National Conference, that has autonomy as its cherished aim and so craftly overplays it and the Peoples Democratic Party which projects self rule equivalent to Aazadi are both ventriloquist’s dummy speaking for their masters in New Delhi.
            That mere discussion was not allowed speaks volumes of the freedom of law-makers and of the project democracy Indians sell to the world and cash on its diplomatic gains. Looked in the backdrop of unanimous resolution adopted by the Tamil Nadu assembly on three death row convicts in Rajiv Gandhi appealing to the president to revisit the clemency petition and commute their death sentence to life imprisonment, Delhi’s hand in aborting the resolution seeking clemency for the Parliament attack convict Afzal Guru in its "embryonic" stage reveals its jaundiced approach towards Kashmir. The ‘muted’ {in chief minister Omar Abdullah’s words} response rather silence on Tamil Nadu assembly resolution is in  contrast to the ugly scenes of uproar and rukus creating a situation which led to adjournment of the House derailing the resolution. Why two different yardsticks are/were maintained on exactly the same issue?
There debating any issue, how much controversial and contentious it may be, is the prerogative of the elected members, here the very right of the legislators is trampled down. There the elected members can jell with the sentiments of people and reflect the same in passing the resolution. Here that amounts to commuting heresy. There seeking for mercy and asking for commuting death sentences does not affect the health of the democracy, here that very concern by the elected representatives is treated as encouraging terrorism.You regard Kashmir  as the ‘head’ or ‘crown’ of India. But in matters of deliverance of justice, fairplay, equality and democracy, as past experience shows, you treat it not different than a spittoon worth to dump every filth of yours. From crown status your biased hegemonial attitude had reduced Kashmir to anal ignominy. And still you take fright when Kashmiris cry and wail and look different.
            To say that Omar Abdullah, his National Conference and ruling alliance buckled down under the pressure of Delhi is to state the obvious. Earlier he and NC patron Dr Abdullah has stated that NC will support the Rashid’s resolution and members will go by the "call of conscience". Omar Abdullah’s tweet has reflected the same. His tweet has exposed the double standard of Indians viz-a-viz Kashmir. ‘If J and K assembly had passed the resolution similar to Tamil Nadu one for Afzal Guru’, Omar tweeted, ‘would the reaction be as muted? I think not’. He has lambasted BJP for raising eye-brows on Guru’s case while zipping its lips on Tamil Nadu assembly resolution, and sharing power with Akali Dal in Punjab which has also sought clemency for Sardar Bullar. That Omar Abdullah made a retreat and caved into Delhi’s dictates is not surprising. Like his predecessors his is a quid pro quo relationship with Delhi where he has to cast himself and his party in the mould of Delhi in lieu of remaining and enjoying power. The PDP’s moan bharat and inertia showed its deceitful politics and reeking hypocrisy. It too responded in gyrating its allegiance to Delhi keeping an eye for any stand-by role in Kashmir.

            That lust for power blinds pro-Indian political groups to sacrifice anything and everything was driven home on 28th September. Both Delhi and those managing the show of ‘democracy’ in Kashmir have no contradictory but complimentary roles and the floor of assembly demonestrated that openly.