Victory of wisdom

Wisdom is a metaphysical trait that signifies and connotes sagacity, judiciousness, acumen, shrewdness, prudence, stoicism and rationalism. Wisdom, when personified with all its multi-faceted nuances, comes to our rescue in moments of crisis. So wisdom, the proud trait and attribute of a righteous activist, social or political, leads him to realism and objectivity when his intervening impulsiveness and sentimentalism overpowers him therein enticing and alluring him to adopt the course of brinkmanship and egotistic self-aggrandizement.

 All saints, sages, seers and altruistic statesmen are an embodiment of wisdom, sobriety, magnanimity, generosity and graciousness.

It was on March 20, 2011 that US-led coalition of a few western powers including France and Britain began to batter and pulverize Libya with deadly cruise missiles and salvoes of supersonic fighter aircraft. Just in a few days the grandiosity and grandeur of splendid buildings and mansions became a myth. The jubilant military hawks spearheading the campaign and blitzkrieg felt elated and exalted when they found their missiles and bombs literally and ideally destroying the beautiful towns and hamlets of Libya. They, in the heart of their hearts, expressed gratitude for the smashed and shattered apartment buildings and hotels which testified and certified the precision of their missiles and bombs. We fail to fathom why US pilots, along with their aircraft, returned to their country even without completing the task they had embarked upon with ostentation and exhilaration. What were the factors which orchestrated the anticlimax— a flop-show typifying and symbolising a conspicuous discomfiture, a seeming debacle. We cannot but make a psychoanalysis of this paradoxical and enigmatic development of extraordinary importance.

US think-tanks, particularly those acting incognito and enjoying sinecure position which fetches and procures wealth through preemption and wangle, are, by default, the defacto strategists craving for adventurism and always poised to prompt and allure the US President to opt for optional wars. This is how the US supremo is surreptitiously coerced into embarking upon a thankless and cumbersome task entailing rash and brash military activism in contravention of the indispensable proviso and postulation of US democracy to seek consensus of opinion of all the elected proponents of the US system. Thus passivity, ineptitude and dereliction of the Congress members, tactfully marginalised by sthe pseudo-intellectuals, inadvertently legitimatises the authoritarianism of encounter group or the corporate body of political opportunists wedded to fanaticism and that too at the cost of honour and prestige of USA as a beacon light of democratic values. Why should these pseudo-intellectuals be allowed to hold the US democracy at ransom? Why should they make a laughing stock of US democracy and intellectualism? Restitution of wisdom-based state polity is paramount and optimal priority.

Barak Obama, the US President, as astute statesman with scintillating brain, keeps his options open. His wisdom advised him to adopt pragmatic and empirical approach to the Libyan convulsion and cataclysm. His historic decision to distance himself from NATO in Libyan operation marks the beginning of a protracted process of disengagement in global adventurism. He understands that debt-cum-deficit economy of USA cannot endure military adventurism in optional wars. He is now feeling wary of military activism in different regions of the world. He is interested in early withdrawal of US troops from Iraq and Afghanistan. He is discreet and circumspect in favouring a change through evolutionary democratic transition and transposition of power in Third World countries. This is how he wants to empower and enfranchise the suppressed and oppressed people of these countries. Emancipated and unbiased intellectuals of USA do realise that it is a counterproductive exercise to impute failures and lapses of USA to Muslim Ummah. They feel disillusioned and disenchanted with fanaticism, chauvinism, bigotry and aggressive nationalism. They are not oblivious, nascent and ignorant of the brew and stew of hatred and acrimony which US domineering and overbearing diplomatic demeanour has invited in different regions and continents. Myopic firebrand orators of USA and Europe who are obsessed with their egocentric subjectivity may not feel constrained and obliged to have a reappraisal of their approach to global issues; however the Occidental altruists and humanists will not fail the dispossessed and enslaved people of Palestine, Afghanistan, Iraq and the like.  

Prudent, provident and prescient leaders of Russia and China, under the doctrine of political parallelism and through strategic defiance and adherence to it, created a counterpoise in the present global political riddle and conundrum. OIC found it expedient not to withhold truth. So Muslim leaders, while following the suit, began to have recourse to assertion in proactive global politics. This is how they will inevitably succeed in creating a deterrent against Ummah-bashing and witch-hunting of the western hawks who relish the sadistic acts of torment, torture, excruciation and persecution.

Western stratagem of trade embargo, economic sanctions and disparaging tirade should not coerce Muslim Ummah into waiving its right to dissent in socio-political and geo-political issues which seek discursive discourse for infallible conclusions and inferences. Why should western snobs and fastidious aristocrats look upon underdeveloped countries as pariah states deserving ostracism and political apartheid? Muslim leaders should bear in mind that their infelicity, inarticulacy and “necessitarian doctrine of escapism and defeatism” can in no way salvage the Muslim Ummah. Their conscience as self-respecting exponents of Muslim cause should rouse them from debilitating slumber and

complacency; they should be candid and straightforward in explaining how the western hawks precipitate crises and upheaval in various regions of the world. Youngsters of the Muslim Ummah are not technophobes; they are, in fact, fond technophiles ambitious about attaining the position of prominence and distinction in higher education. Metaphysical monotheistic homogeneity will prove to be a panacea for ailments and aberrations which have devitalized and enfeebled the Ummah. Remember that your group particularism will simply lead you to abyss and crevasse of abysmal failure. So shun this scission and dissension within.

On April 8-2011 (Friday), Moulana Showkat Ahmad, the President of Jamiat-Ahle-hadith Kashmir, got killed in a bomb explosion at Gawkadal Srinagar. We pay homage to dawah stalwart. Progeny will remember him for his contribution as a devotee of dawah. Kashmiri will continue to face trials and tribulations with grit and guts.
It is high time when the prudent leaders of India and Pakistan should extricate themselves from the quagmire of adversarial mindset.

Author is Patron Jammu Kashmir Mahaz-e-Azadi and cane be mailed at mahazme