Modi is knocking at the doors of prime Ministerial office in New-Delhi. A three time winner of State elections in Gujrat, post 2002  riots, BJP has put forward him as a key campaigner to polarize Hindu Votes in its favor. He is now at the cusp of leading world’s largest so-called secular democracy.

The election campaign  has witnessed  aggressive communal & slanderous overtones. Just before, the campaign picked up, Muzaffar Nagar riots were engineered. Modi’s Key man and incharge UP, Amit Shah, clearly solicited votes there to take revenge on Muslims. BJP’s another candidate Giriraj  has suggested to push back those, who do not vote for Modi, to Pakistan. The hint is unmistakably towards Indian Muslims.  

Congress’s tirade against Modi is centered around his complicity in Gujrat riots of 2002 in which thousands of Muslims were massacred, their women gang-raped. In many cases pregnant women were slit into pieces and their fetus exhibited on trishuls. In defense, Modi & his supporters  cite his exoneration by Special Investigation team (SIT) & Supreme Court of India. But how Modi managed his non-complicity by circumventing evidences &the established procedures is well documented by a fearless writer, Manoj Mitta in his book-“The Fiction of fact finding-Modi & Godhra”. It is an excellent  piece of investigative journalism which nails the lie of Modi & his cahoots of their non-involvement in one of the worst pogroms against Muslims of Gujrat.

But Congress’s allegation on Modi is a classic example of Pot calling the Kettle Black. It  has forgotten its own record in the communal history against Muslims. Right from 1947, Muslims, who stayed back in India against heavy odds, have been at the receiving end in almost all States headed by Congress or its allies. In our State, five lac Muslims were massacred in Jammu in 1947 under the nose & tacit support of congress leaders like Sardar Patel & Baldev Singh. In 1948, around two lac Muslims were killed in Hyderabad, a pogrom called Police action but actually an army operation. While It stands to reason that Nizam  of Hyderabad was wrong in opting for independence or accession with Pakistan without taking opinion of his people, an overwhelming majority of whom were Hindus, but was the death & destruction heaped on innocent Muslims justifiable?  A.G.Noorani in his book “Destruction of Hyderabad” succinctly brings out various facets of the wanton destruction of that beautiful city and annihilation of its people. In both these carnages, Pandith Jawahar Lal Nehru, otherwise touted as the most secular person, looked the other way. He even rewarded Mehr Chand Mahajan, then Prime Minster of Kashmir and a script writer of  Jammu Massacre with the chief Justice ship of Supreme court of India. In case of Hyderabad massacre, after there was a furor over innocent killings, a committee under the chairmanship of  Sunderlal was formed. His report submitted soon after, has not been made public till date. It is believed that the said report strongly indicts the Indian Army & Congress politicians for their acts of omission & commission in the holocaust.

In 1983, Brahmputra river turned red when around twenty thousand Muslims were massacred in Assam. Known infamously as Nellie massacre, all Bengali speaking Muslims, their women & children became targets in this holocaust. The gory incident happened when the Governments at the centre as well as State were headed by Indian National Congress. A commission headed by Justice Tewari was formed to go into the various aspects  of massacre. His report  was submitted  to the Assam Government in 1984 but has not been made public till date.

Following demolition of Babri Masjid, an organized attack was launched against Muslims all over  India. In Mumbai, Muslims became special targets of Fascist Shiv Sena goons. A commission of Enquiry  under the chairmanship of  Justice Sree Krishna was formed. His report, which is believed to have strongly indicted shiv Sena Supremo Bal Thackery & State Police  for complicity in the riots is eating dust in Govt. cupboards. The Irony is that Bal Thackery’s death was mourned by Congress leaders in Parliament terming it  a national loss and his funeral  awarded  a state honor.

For constraints of space, no mention is made here of Gujrat riots in 1969, Bhiwandi riots of 1970 & 1984, Moradabad riots , Anti Sikh riots of 1984, Hashimpur massacre ,Bhagalpur riots of 1989,Meerut & Maliana massacres and host of other anti-muslim pogroms occurring during Congress regimes. Suffice it to say that as far as violence on Muslims is concerned, BJP & Congress are two sides of the same counterfeit coin.  

(The author is a practicing chartered Accountant. E mail: abdulmajidzargar@gmail.com)