Wajahat’s swine song of “a’zadi”

When conscience gets stained, man loses the ethical bedrock to stand upon and judge good from bad. This leads to corrosion of mind. Perverted thoughts emanate from diseased minds. And in all such cases, as we know, truth becomes the casualty. Falsehood reigns supreme. Certain well meaning words get corrupted under a situational influence. Even neutral expressions are given diplomatic twists to sound acceptable. Silence, grave-yard-silence, in how brutal way it is achieved by the power-intoxicated, is glorified in the attire of peace. Status-quoistic perpetuation becomes a ‘move-forward’ process. The track one, track two, track three, track four – in all quadrilateral dimensions – though leave trail of deception and ash of wastage of time swap with continuation of unconditional dialogue. Resistance movement, with core independence to make it prominently visible and roaring, has to be interpreted as a struggle for better opportunities in a democratic country.

          How one wishes George Orwell alive today, he would have found Wajahat Habibullah a symbolic character of his (Orwell’s) expressions like ‘double speak’ and ‘double-thought’. His ‘thought-police’ would have “won” the mind of resistance. Indian constitution could have extended its federal wings to accommodate Azadi for Kashmiris.

          The National Minority Commission chief and former IAS officer of J&K, who at the peak time militancy was Divisional Commissioner Srinagar, has tried to mutilate the words and made them speak the language of deception. Here is a sample of the witch’s brew he has invented to corrupt the minds and torpedo the resistance movement.

          Addressing a convention on ‘Democratic Rights of Kashmiri Youths’, organized by the Centre for Policy Analysis in New Delhi on March 12, 2012, he ossified the audience with his tranquilizer dart: “I object to those who take objections to the use of word ‘Azadi’. Freedom is the fundamental right of every citizen guaranteed to us by none other than the constitution of India ”.

          So just take a spoon or two of Wajahats brew, you have Kashmiris singing a swine song of ‘azadi’. Where suppression is liberty, coercion is appeasement, muzzling of political dissent is freedom of expression. Wajahat’s spool of fantasy is sewing fantastic garments. Put them on, you have Kashmir just other Indian state. Demanding nothing other than a within-Indian constitution Azadi.

          The NMC Chief sees nothing objectionable in ‘use of word azadi’ as ‘azadi’ (freedom) is, he wants us to believe, what Indian constitution guarantees to its citizens. Well, why then Indians waged freedom struggle against British who had in the later stage of their rule given Indian people better governance, corruption-free administration and supremacy of law. The people enjoyed all sorts of freedom guaranteed by constitution. Even Congress participated in the elections and formed governments at provinces and centre. Jawaharlal Nehru even became the Prime Minister. But did that Azadi under British rule made Indians to reconcile with their fate? Did the bonhomie of Nehru with governor general and his family strand the resolve of Nehru and Indians to script their destiny themselves? They did not look to A’zadi through British spectacles but through their own naked eyes.

          The argument of the Indian bureaucrat stinks of deceit and treachery. It amounts to ridicule Kashmiris heroic resistance moment to a fun-making activity, a childish prank. As if Kashmiris have joined a sports event in playing a game of one hundred thousand skulls just to derive a pleasure. As if they had entered a commercial business of selling the honor of their mothers, sisters and daughters.

          Are Kashmiris, as one asks, credulous enough as not to understand the word azadi. Have they lost their sense of differentiating slavery from a’zadi? If azadi is the issue of enjoying freedom guaranteed under Indian constitution, then how come seven lakh Indian troops and over two lakhs of paramilitary forces – nearly one gun-man against seven unarmed civilians – are concentrated in this small territory of ours? In what other state of India you have such huge build-up of troops, armed with draconian laws like AFSPA and PSA?