Why is India Allergic to Kashmir Issue?


Jammu Kashmir, like Palestine, is a zone where human tragedy reigns for decades. The Indian occupation forces, as per estimates, have so far slaughtered over 100, 000 innocent Kashmir Muslims. Secret graveyards discovered recently in Kashmir stand as the cruelest showcase of Indian democratic reality and as a "peaceful" contribution by occupying Indian terror forces. India and Pakistan have so far, maybe as a formality sake or a pure gimmick, conducted "talks" without any possible credible resolution.

For years now, Indian brutalities have killed innocent Kashmir Muslims in thousands but not their urge for sovereignty. The mischievous stand of the cunning diplomatic establishment in evading the central issue of sovereignty in bilateral talks with Pakistan has made a mockery of the "composite" but secret dialogue till date.

Double-speaks by the Indo-Pak leaders of Jammu Kashmir and Indo-Pak hypocrisy practiced by their media nuts have deadly been reflected in Indian massacres of innocent Kashmiris who, it looks, sacrifice their lives almost for nothing. Pakistan has, however, now insists that Jammu Kashmir is the core issue and it is imperative to address this issue effectively and in a purposeful manner in the forthcoming dialogue with India which prefers now to waste time in "talks" by raising bogus terrorism and nuclearism.The foreign secretary level talks June 24-25 as proposed by Pakistan are underway now in Islamabad, although New Delhi is still allergic to Kashmir issue. India is yet to respond to the sovereignty call of Kashmiris as yet, except in massacres. he illegal occupiers and blatant bluffers do not respond readily!

Even those that support the freedom struggle do not tolerate any criticism of Pakistan while Pakistan, which escorts Indian warships and intruders in Somalian sea waters, does not insist on including Kashmiris in talks either. The result is massacre of innocent Kashmiris. In the process of appeasing Indian and Pakistani leaders, Kashmir leaders have forgotten about the plight of Kashmir Muslims. That is the tragedy of the Kashmiris.

Indian terror troops have been swelling in numbers at a reckless speed and prolonged their illegal occupation of JK, harming the Kashmiris in a very big way. There could be a few reasons for the ambivalent approach of Kashmiris towards Indo-Pakistan. Kashmriri leaders frequent both Pakistan and India and other nations. In order to gain hassle free visas and other documents form India for their foreign trips, Kashmiris have to keep especially the Indian side in good humors.

Indeed, this not a very complicated question. A simple answer is: if Indo-Pak talks succeed, Jammu Kashmir will be a free nation once again. India does not want that to happen! An extended answer would that India would face serious accommodation problem for those Indian troops, now brutally occupying Jammu Kashmir and enjoying the Kashmir blood and flesh for decades, would face slaughtering deficit when return to their "mother India". After all, India cannot provide Hindus for slaughtering business of “solders” and therefore opposes tooth and nail any positive signs in "talks".

Indian reluctance for peace with its neighbors is a known fact threatening the regional peace and tranquility. GST terror operations are ignited to thwart any peace deals with Pakistan. New Delhi looks for excuses to put off talks and broke off a stumbling peace process that came close to agreeing a solution to Siachen after the 2008 Mumbai attacks alleging that Pakistani militants had a "hand" in the attacks that killed 166, including 50 odd Muslims. Like the Sept-11 in USA, the Mumbai terrorism also has no proof and a puppet Pakistan plays a peculiar the guilty-victim role assigned to it by the CIA. India keeps asking its strategic boss USA to get Islamabad to “do more”. The state terror game goes on!

Military secretaries from India and Pakistan on 30-31 May held two days of "closed-door talks" in New Delhi on how to agree on withdrawing troops from above the Siachen glacier in the Himalayan region and redefining the border, but they did not touch upon the issue of demilitarization of Kashmir valley. Without keeping on the debate table what they want to achieve in the "talks, India and Pakistan only failed on May 31, making Kashmiris feel disillusioned, to agree on how to demilitarize the world’s highest battlefield in a sign of how far apart the nuclear-armed rivals are even on less contentious issues. It is looks clear both teams do not have permission to make any breakthrough. However, Pakistani team visited the famous Taj Mahal at Agra – not far from to the historic site of grand Babri Mosque in UP, without wasting their precious time debating the "undebatable".

It may be true that India and Pakistan have long officially struggled to normalize ties, but India plays all sorts of Americo-Israeli gimmicks to prolong brutal occupation. Indian terror PM Manmohan Singh, who claims was born in Pakistan, has staked his foreign policy legacy on "improving" ties but India but his media nuts and military strategists oppose any moralization on the ground that once India normalizes tie with arch Muslim enemy that is Pakistan it loses it strategic advantages and terror partnership chances with US -led global state terror organizations.

They keep talking and quarreling. None has any clear cut ideas about what exactly the Indian-Pakistani teams discuss in closed doors. India and Pakistan have prolonged the talks for years now, possibly without seriously addressing the issues. Now India uses USA to control Islamabad to support Indian fake claims. The key issues are: Illegal invasion an brute occupation of JK by India; exceeding militarization of Kashmir by nuclear India; genocides of innocent Kashmiri Muslims by Indian occupation troops- over 100, 000 of them have already been killed; the status of secret grave yards in Kashmir as well as those "disappeared" without any trace; militarization of the Siachen glacier in the Karakoram Range (located as high as 20,000 feet (6,000 meters) above sea level by India; Kashmiris want India to stop killing Kashmiri Muslims and quit the JK lands, surrendering sovereignty to them.

India frantically and fanatically controls the heights and is loath to back off for fear Pakistan might walk in.The talks in Delhi were the first meeting of the top civil servants from their ministries in more than three years. The Pakistani officials also visited India’s historic Taj Mahal monument, according to Indian media. Both sides presented their known "position and suggestions" toward the resolution of Siachen. Both sides agree that there was no forward movement in "talks". Military and terror experts say the inhospitable climate and avalanche-prone terrain have claimed more lives than gunfire. Indian media reported that both sides had stuck to their long-standing positions.

Until 1984, no troops were permanently stationed at the "cold" Siachen glacier, but now there are at least 10,000 Indian and Pakistani soldiers. The two armies have faced off in the Siachen region since India first stationed troops there in 1984. The Siachen region has some strategic importance for NATO terror syndicate trying to control the old Silk-Road for energy reasons.

From summit levels to foreign secretary level down to Military secretary level, the talks have been degraded. A cease-fire has held on the remote Siachen “battlefield” since 2003. Failure to make progress on Siachen glacier – one of the less contentious issues between the arch enemies – might worry those hoping for progress on broader peace talks, which resumed in April this year following pressure from the USA. India has long maintained that it was unwilling to bring its forces down from Siachen until Pakistan authenticated the positions they held. Pakistan in turn has said it was willing to do so, but on the condition it was not a final endorsement of India’s claim to the glacier.

After each "dialogue", Indian state terrorists kill more Kashmiri Muslims adding to total tally of Kashmiri corpses. How long will the "dialogue" go on? Can’t the fate of the terrorized Kashmiris be changed?

Why India continues to slaughter Kashmiri Muslims while using the Hindus living in JK to target the Muslims? Why does Indo-Pak dialogue continue to fail and why Kashmir Muslims are not involved in the talks to resolve the Kashmir "dispute"?

Media play disastrous role against freedom movement. The media in Jammu region have promoted Indian terrorism in Kashmir while those in Kashmir region are evenly divided in favor of Indian occupation. That is really the tragedy of Kashmir.


While the NATO terror syndicate led by USA-UK terror twins go on rampage in Islamic world for resources, both Palestine and Kashmir issues have been lingering about for years now without any substantive results. One does not know if Interpol along with CIA and its global allies control the global issues and media. Interpol, even as the Indian and Pakistani military secretaries met in New Delhi to "thrash out" their differences over occupied glaciers in Jammu Kashmir- the land that had welcomed Jesus Christ when he was persecuted by criminal Jews, spread a crude rumor that hundreds of "terrorists" escaped from Afghan jails and they are heading towards India and send terror alerts to Indian intelligence teams. this just like Hollywood/Bollywood gimmicks.

Like Israel, India does not hesitate to "talks with Pakistan without involving Kashmiris in them and what exactly they discuss in the "closed rooms" is only a matter of speculation: perhaps they watch latest Hindi moves and enjoy the imported liquor as Pakistanis- especially elites- are deadly used to American brands supplied by US embassy in Islamabad. They long accepted the need to demilitarize the Siachen glacier, seen as a stepping stone to larger issues such as the disputed Kashmir territory. They welcomed the dialogue but made no mention in a joint statement of any progress. Instead, they just said they would meet yet again in Islamabad, which would be the 13th round of talks on the issue.

Indian position is almost clear: it would not return Jammu Kashmir to Kashmiris and if they insist India would not hesitate to kill them in thousands as the Zionists do this coldbloodedly in Gaza strip.

Already India has spread their hobby idea of breaking Jammu Kashmir into three parts whereby Kashmiris would get only Kashmir valley and India would swindle Jammu and Laddakh regions; Already India is using its Kashmir agents to promote "division idea" in JK. and Indian agents now even are pushing for that sort of "resolution". A few news portals in JK have come out with such messages.

Even as the Indian puppet government imposed through shame polls in JK led by Omar Abdullah and his Hindu Deputy is enjoying all privileges, including foreign accounts, at the cost of Kashmiris sacrificing their lives on daily basis, The military level talks over the "cold" issue of occupied Siachen glacier seem to have been brought up all of a sudden possibly by India because the media blasted the breaking news only the day both covered in New Delhi for sumptuous lunch and after the failed talks, the media nuts are silent on the subject but continue sot harbor hatred towards Islamabad as per the instructions form Indian intelligence teams. Earlier, India used to spin warnings to Pakistan, but today the scenario has changed greatly with Indian misuse of Obama regime to do it for New Delhi and that explains why Indian TV channels blast the news about USA warning Islamabad even before Pakistani regime receives the "warnings" from Washington on Indian behalf. That is the strong strategic network India has managed with the global imperialist leader in recent years.

It is a fact that literally India has illegally invaded neighboring Jammu Kashmir JK, followed by Pakistan, both have divided and occupied JK on advices of former colonizer UK. Although both waged wars over Kashmir, India is still willing for another war and, possibly, even concede some more lands to Pakistan and end the ‘”resolution” of the illegal dispute. Possibly, India is willing to concede some demands of pro-India Kashmiris and make them anti-Pakistan and end the "resolution".

India is yet to show its readiness and seriousness for resolving the illegal dispute over alien Jammu Kashmir and Pakistan, on its part, must stop playing the Indian, rather Ind-US-UK game. Colonizers and imperialists make innocent people the so-called "terrorists" who are in fact the defenders of their soil from foreign occupation. Don’t force all Kashmiris, grown impatient over Indo-Pak "resolution talks", to take up arms to get back what they have lost in 1947- sovereignty!


The notorious UNSC plus the 5 veto rouges, quick to invade sovereign Libya on fake pretext, are silent on Indian state terrorism in Kashmir. UN is yet to impose "noflyzone" over India and Kashmir to save Kashmiris being slaughtered now under fake encounters. As a major ally of NATO, Pakistan should be a secured state, but USA has destabilized it and keeps insulting it to do ”more” only to appease New Delhi. Media inside Jammu Kashmir do not want to offend both India and Pakistan while they keep offending innocent Kashmiris who sacrificing their lives for freedom.

It may be a sorry affair, but India and Pakistan thus talk at length about "resolution" of conflict without any substance. That is the tragedy for the terrorized and essentially besieged Muslim Kashmiris – both pro-Kashmir and also the pro-India elements ruling JK on Indian behalf on heavy underpayment basis. The Kashmiris are encouraged to take side with India or Pakistan as a Ind-Pak political gimmick while Hindu Kashmiris are used by New Delhi against Muslims in the heavily militarized valley. the result is secret grave yards as well as over 100,000 innocent deaths of Kashmiri Muslims. Indian state terrorists are not entirely satisfied with the Kashmir blood and flesh they have consumed in Kashmir so far. Pro-Pakistani media in promoting a thoughtless opinion that Jammu Kashmir must join an already destabilized Pakistan is absolutely nonsensical one. Those who support the Kashmir cause must promote an independent Jammu Kashmir so that India is not let bluff too much by fake fear rhetoric of Pakistan re-occupying JK freed by India.

Today, both UK and its terror partner USA do not show any inclination to force India to quit Jammu Kashmir. India refuses to surrender sovereignty back to Kashmiris and does not mention it even casually in talks or otherwise while Pakistan does not openly indicate that it has no hidden agenda to take over Jammu Kashmir when India vacates this nation. Thus entire Kashmir has remained an uncertainty which Indian exploited further by skillfully employing terror gimmicks.

Kashmiri Muslims continue to sacrifice their valuable lives for the sake of regaining sovereignty from an arrogant but innocent looking India. Like Israeli “talks’ with oppressed Palestinians, the Indian “talks” with Pakistan over Kashmir also looks like fictional one. An already decomposed Indo-Pak composite dialogue suffers owing to an unwilling and mischievous partner called India and a not very serious participation from Pakistan.

Since, neither India nor Pakistan reveals the contents of their "talks", Kashmiris whose nation is under foreign occupation, must be included in the "resolution talks". A few Indian officials, otherwise known for their usual pro-peace gimmicks purely for publicity purposes, said they had hoped to make some progress in the long-running dispute. Any major breakthrough requires sincere approach by Indo-Pakistan.

Painfully, in order to cover up the Indian crimes against humanity in Kashmir, where Muslims are being slaughtered and driven out of the world by the occupying Indian state terrorists, Indian agents and Hindus in Jammu region bull talk about the "plight" of highly influential Pundits living in Kashmir and operating against an independent Jammu Kashmir. The Pundits in JK are so powerful that they could successfully coerce the Congress party and National Conference to concede Deputy chief-minster post to a Hindu, while entire India does not have any Deputy CMs, not even in Kerala where Muslim League MLAs as part of Congress led UDF have won maximum number of seats.

Thousands of innocent Muslims whom India killed so far are, according to Indian media, terrorists, but the Hindu traitors in JK are the heroes of India. and its fascist media. These insane Hindu elements push for division of Jammu Kashmir in case Kashmir Muslims eventually achieve freedom from Indian yoke. It smells a big rat, but it is the crudest fact that both state terror nations, India and Pakistan, killing Muslims, like their western terrocratic bosses unleashing terror in Islamic world, do not value Muslim/human lives in Kashmir! Indian media nuts are "worried" about the "plight" of these roguish Pundits in Kashmir aiding Indian occupation and massacres.

State terrorism as an effective coverup for silencing Kashmiris is not a viable solution. It is time India, Pakistan, UNSC, Quartet and other relevant parties woke up to help the Kashmiris regain their sovereignty form occupiers and establish their own independent nation once again. Ethics of democracy and globalization demands no nation can be under foreign occupation for ever!

India and Pakistan must end their already decomposed dialogue over Sovereignty for Jammu Kashmir and begin talk seriously about a date for surrendering sovereignty to Kashmiris!

Indo-Pak talks can succeed only if India and Pakistan approach the issue with a positive mind and without misusing Kashmiris to their territorial advantages. Kashmir sovereignty demand might wait, but will eventually succeed!

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Dr. Abdul Ruff, Specialist on State Terrorism; Chancellor-Founder of Centor for International Affairs(CIA); Chronicler of Foreign occupations & Freedom movements (Palestine, Kashmir, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Xinjiang, Chechnya, etc); Former university Teacher, Analyst-columnist; Terrorism is caused by anti-Islamic forces. Fake democracies like USA and India have zero tolerance to any criticism of their anti-Muslim and other aggressive practices. Anti-Muslimism and anti-Islamism are more dangerous than "terrorism". Anti-Islamic forces & terrorists are using criminal elements for terrorizing the world and they in disguise are harming genuine interests of ordinary Muslims. abdulruff@gmail/abdulruff_jnu@yahoo.com/http://abdulruff.wordpress.com//91-9961868309