Wikileaks on Kashmir

Spectrum of Palpable Culpability: India to UN

It is not just the Indian Security Forces; and it is not just the Indian government that is responsible for the horrific atrocities in Kashmir. No, it is far more than that. The web of genocide and its cover up spans the entire globe, including what used to be an august world body, the United Nations Organization. Every Indian prime minister and every person in military and civilian administration in-charge of Kashmir is guilty. Every man in-charge of the UN and every silent government official in the powerful nations with knowledge of the atrocities is an accomplice by virtue of silence and inaction. Moreover, these are not mere allegations of the systematic torture and atrocities committed by the Indians. Wikileaks information passes the litmus test of reliable information.  There is no room to doubt the veracity of the revelations. These are based on diplomatic cables sent by the US embassy in New Delhi about a nation which receives billions upon billions of dollars as US support and investment. It is about the new darling of US foreign policy.  It is inconceivable to see an anti Indian bias in the highly confidential diplomatic cables. The information comes from independent and respectable organization like the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) and the US Embassy in New Delhi. What can be more reliable than that?

 If there were any fairness and courage in the international institutions, Indian authorities would have already been brought to justice for their crimes. From the menial foot soldiers all the way along the chain of command, including the Commander-in-Chief of the Indian military; and from the local magistrates to the prime minister of India, all are guilt.  Everyone should have been brought before the International Criminal Court in The Hague.

But, we know better. The world knows now what we knew all along. To us there was a spectrum of visible and palpable culpability starting from Indian civil and military administration radiating out to involve the United Nations Secretary General and all major powers in the world. None of the powers can be absolved of the culpability. India is directly guilty of the heinous crimes.  Others are guilty of criminal silence and neglect. All have been directly or indirectly accomplices in crimes against humanity in Kashmir ever since 1990. Twenty long years of genocide or Muslimicide in Kashmir and the ‘civilized world’ remained silent! What sad commentary on the moral conscience of the 20th and 21st century humanity!  It took the much-maligned Wikileaks and its founder, Julian Assange, to speak for the victims of this shameful cover up that has lasted two decades. Had this ‘freak’ group not leaked what the gang-like system of nation states considers as an aberration not taken place, God knows whether the world would have ever found out about the shameful goings on in Kashmir. The dead don’t speak; and certainly the dead Muslims don’t speak at all. The ICRC and the US embassy in New Delhi seemed to have resigned themselves to keep the issue of such grave crimes and decimation of Kashmiri lives in tight wraps, lest the most crowded democracy lose face.  Bravo Wikileaks. No thanks to the State Department and certainly no thanks to the UN Secretary Generals, including the current Secretary General, Mr. Ban-Ki-Moon who covered up and showed no public concern, moral indignation or outrage even after the dastardly acts of the Indian security forces were exposed. It makes them all unfit to monitor and govern the world affairs.

Where is the international outrage? Where are the international sanctions against India for its criminal enterprise in Kashmir? Where is the unilateral military action by the United States to reign in the rogue Indian regime? Why are the Indians a sacred cow while other less veil regimes are not? Why the double standards in dealing with crimes committed by the Indian rulers versus similar or lesser crimes committed by tyrants like Saddam Husain, Noriega or Karadzic?  Sadam Husain was hanged so violently that he was decapitated. Noriega is languishing in a US prison; Karadzic is facing trial at the international Court of Justice in The Hague. But, why did Indian tyrants like Narasimha Rao, Atal Bihari Vajpayee, Davi Gowda and IK Gujral, all of whom perpetrated crimes against humanity in direct contravention to the Geneva Conventions, not face justice and imprisonment? Why is Manmohan Singh, the current ruler of India roaming the world freely while he is guilty of worse crimes than Sadam Husain, Noriega and Karadzic were? Helpless humanity in Kashmir and elsewhere is watching the policies and deeds of the powerful with silent disdain. Indians are getting a tap on the wrist.

The UN and the US need to pay heed to the ongoing genocide in Kashmir. Kashmiris have been waging mostly a peaceful struggle for freedom from Indian occupation since 1847. While Indians are busy in committing genocide, the UN Secretary General, Mr. Ban-Ki-Moon and the UN Security Council are maintaining a deliberate silence about it. When put on the spot in the wake of Wikileaks on Kashmir he essentially skirted the issue and said something, without saying anything responsible or meaningful. Addressing the year-end press conference he said, "I understand that there have been discussions between India and Pakistan on all matters, including this Kashmir issue,”. Asked about allegations of torture in jails he said, “I would like to find out about specific cases- I am not aware but may be I’ll have my spokesperson let you know”. This statement boils Kashmiri blood with anger. It is about deaths and torture of innocent people. What does it have to do with “discussions between India and Pakistan on all matters, including, this Kashmir issue”? It has nothing to do discussions between India and Pakistan. It has to do with Indian being taken to task for converting Occupied Kashmir in to killing fields.

Now, what kind of UN and what kind of Secretary General would have such callous and insolent attitude towards hundreds of thousands of victims of brutal atrocities and deaths? How could Mr. Moon not know the facts about the massacres and atrocities that have been reported by credible news agencies and human rights groups in the last 20 years? Not only has that he had his own UN observers stationed in Kashmir. Surely they must be regularly dispatching their reports to his office. We know they do. That is their assignment, besides monitoring military activities along the Cease Fire Line. Doesn’t the UN care about human lives? Did even the discovery of the mass graves not move the UN chief? What is the threshold and what must happen in Kashmir before the Secretary General’s sleep can be disturbed? Who is the UN chief taking orders from and who is he beholden to. Oh! Never mind, he doesn’t need to answer that. Everyone knows what matters and who matters in the world. It certainly has very little to do with human rights or human dignity. Money and power is what it is all about. Human dignity or human suffering is not at all what it is about. Let the world rise and demand action and reign in the tyrants and criminals. There will never be peace in the region unless and until there is justice and peace in Kasshmir.