Without addressing Kashmir issue, Indo-Pak endeavours will go waste: Shabir Shah

Srinagar: Reacting over the recent talks between India and Pakistan, the Democratic Freedom Party (DFP) Chairman Shabir Ahmad Shah on Saturday said until Kashmir issue is not addressed the peace between the two countries and in South Asia would be a distant dream.

We also favour dialogue to resolve the issues but it has to be seen as to why such process failed from last 69 years, why wars and border skirmishes continue and why both nations still engage in mutual blame game. Our point is that if core issue is sidelined and other matters discussed, the situation instead of improving will obviously get deteriorated. As such, more than 150 rounds of talks are witness," said Shah.

He said the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi should muster courage and fulfill the promises the first Indian PM Jawaharlal Nehru kept with the people of Jammu and Kashmir.

"Mr Modi should understand that Kashmir is not an issue of border, Wullar, Sir Creek and Siachen between India and Pakistan but an issue concerning the future of 15 million people of Jammu and Kashmir," he said.

Shah said if India is desirous of playing any crucial role with regard to establishment of peace in South Asia and wants a permanent seat in the UN Security Council, it must give the people of J&K their right of self-determination. "As such, the poverty in India will obviously be eradicated and the new avenues of progress and prosperity will open for the country, thereafter."

Terming the resolution of Kashmir dispute as vital for friendly Indo-Pak ties, the DFP chairman said if this issue is downplayed or sidelined, all the endeavours made by the two nations to achieve peace will go waste and that the uncertainty will continue to elude the subcontinent.

"The leadership of both nations must realise that with the resolution of Kashmir issue comes the solution to all other problems. They must understand that Kashmir is not an issue of good governance, economic packages or administrative issue," he said.

Shah reiterated that Kashmir issue is to be resolved as per UN resolutions or through trilateral talks. (GNS)