Yet another farce

The high drama concerning the resignation , which never was, from the cabinet of Peerzada Mohammed Sayeed , has come as yet another farce staged by the ruling coalition headed by Omar Abdullah to hoodwink the people .Chief minister boastfully tweeted " even though the crime branch have stopped short of naming the person who influenced the cheating,it’s proverbial Ceaser’s wife story ". That means that those holding high posts should not only be above board but also appear to be so. It’s different matter that he himself did not stand that test in the case of the mysterious death of a National Conference activist , close to the ruling dynasty , with the family members pointing accusing fingers at the chief minister himself. In Peerzada’s case the chief ministerr’s remarks provoked the minister for school education, involved in the cheating case, to hit back by threatening to expose those conspiring against him and also announcing that he had sent his resignation to the Congress President Sonia Gandhi "as she is my boss and not the chief minister". Omar Abdullah had also tweeted earlier:" "Am discussing the Peerzada issue with my allies as he holds a portfolio allocated to them. Expect further action tomorrow." He made it clear that the allotment of portfolios was not the chief minister’s prerogative but a case of bunder baant between the alliance partners.

The Chief Minister dashes to New Delhi to discuss the issue with the Congress President and the very next day Peerzada is back in saddles , announcing at a press conference that " Soniaji has not accepted my resignation " and he would continue to be  a minister but without the portfolio of school education which has been taken over by the CM himself , adding that " it is the chief minister’s prerogative to allocate portfolios to his ministers." Omar confirms by announcing that Peerzada stays as cabinet minister but has been divested of  the education portfolio .  Peerzada issue seizes to be a case of Ceaser’s wife story but a matter of political expediency. The partners ,after parleys in New Delhi, have decided to bury the hatchet and continue to stay in wedlock (a marriage of convenience) together as strange bedfellows. Ridiculously as well as ludicrously , Peerzada has been found fit enough to be a minister but not as education minister .What a logic! What a justice !

The entire episode not only brings many a skeletons out of the uneasy coalition’s cupboard but also exposes doublespeak , double standards , chicanery as well as hypocrisy of the ruling elite . It also speaks of the worst kind of political opportunism  and blackmailing . The case of cheating in the examination  or of political corruption and misuse of official position, has been hushed up , like the several similar cases in the recent past including that of the murder of the NC activist. To quote George Orwell " Political language is designed to make lies sound truthful and murder respectable, and to give an appearance of solidity to pure wind".  When tainted ones become trusted and indispensable it is not only a case of political expediency but also that of chicanery . Tragically, Instead of fighting it out , those at the helm are only legitimizing and institutionalizing  corruption.