Yet another international snub for India over Occupied Kashmir post Pulwama Attack

Times of Islamabad

Yet another international snub for India over Occupied Kashmir post Pulwama Attack

19 Feb, 2019

ISLAMABAD – Amnesty India has called upon the Indian government to ensure that the Kashmiri people do not face targeted attacks, harassment and arbitrary arrests in the wake of the Pulwama suicide attack that left 44 Indian soldiers dead last week.

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The international human rights organisation’s India unit said this in a press release issued on its official website on Tuesday.

Amnesty India said it came to their knowledge through media reports that Kashmiri university students and traders in northern states, primarily Uttarakhand, Haryana and Bihar, have been beaten, threatened, and intimidated by some Hindu nationalist groups.

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“Many students are reported to have fled their universities in fear. Two colleges in Dehradun and one in Moradabad have stated that they will not admit new Kashmiri students,” says the press statement.

“We are at a dangerous moment, and authorities must do everything they can to uphold the rule of law,” said Aakar Patel, head of Amnesty India.

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“Ordinary Kashmiris across India who are only seeking to improve their lives should not be singled out for violence simply because of where they come from.”

The mobs who use patriotism as an excuse to hound Kashmiris out of their homes, hostels and shops are corroding the basic values of the constitution of India. Authorities must investigate all allegations of threats and violence, and bring those responsible to justice.”