Zamaruda Habib Addresses United Nations Council in Geneva

June 17, 2014
Zamaruda Habib chairperson of Kashmir Tehreek-k- Khawateen addresses the United Nation Human Rights in Geneva through video conferencing.
She said
‘’Dear friends I am thankful to all of you to provide me the opportunity to represent the women of LOST PARADISE, the Kashmir, It would have been pleasure for me to come personally but I don’t have the travel Documents. I have been black listed and the government is not issuing the Passport in my favour”
She appeals to the international community to join the hands with women of Kashmir and impress upon the government of India to resolve the Kashmir issue in peaceful manner.
She further said that, ‘I am the woman of Kashmir. I don’t have the dreams, don’t have elusions either. My soul is bruised. My voice is silenced even before it comes out. My fear makes me stay awake whole nights , shadows hunt me, and I see the faces which are not familiar to me.

You can imagine the life of a woman in most militarized zone of the world where rules of normal life are totally disturbed for decades together. It is very difficult to say what will happen in Kashmir as the era of disappointment continuous . Almost every family tells the tragic tale of death, enforced disappearances, physical disability, and psychological disorders. The weight of these terrible events is not crushing our physique but our psyche and soul.

Women of Kashmir have paid the price like other women in different conflict areas of the world. We all know the humiliation that Kashmiri women and girls have to undergo at the ruthless hands of thousands of Indian military and Para military . She has been disgraced, tortured, maimed and killed by different Indian agencies and unknown gunmen.

And few of us were even jailed for years together. Kashmir conflict has created a large number of widows and half widows, mothers who have lost their sons , mothers whose sons are languishing in different jails without committing any serious crime and without fair trial . Mothers whose daughters have been subjected to rape. The conflict has created fear and uncertainty in the lives of women and girls in Kashmir. Women have borne the brunt of violence.

Throughout world, it is found that suicide rates are highest among men and more intense in urban areas, but in the valley the reverse is the truth. Women constitute more than 60 % of the patients visiting Kashmir’s lone psychiatry hospital in Srinagar for treatment, with most of them suffering from Post Traumatic Stress disorder (PTSD). They continue to suffer silently. According to the study the migration of widows with their children resulted in a sudden break in normal family life. Women had to assume the role of breadwinners for their families and the future of their children became insecure.

Nearly every person. Particularly women , suffer from general anxiety , sleep disorder and the uncertainty pertaining to the security of their family members . This always keeps them in a state of unrest . even in their house people are harassed , beaten up and taken into the custody by the Indian troops because of impunity provided to them through draconian laws like AFSFA.

When the armed conflict in Kashmir broke out, the most suffered section of the society has been the women of the Kashmir and their education started getting neglected, this was particularly more in rural areas where parents preferred to keep their daughters indoors so that they do not have to suffer the hardship during that time, as most of the school buildings have been occupied by the Indian forces. 

The Kashmir conflict has generated a vast amount of literature on Indian national security and very little of it relates to Kashmiri women’s lives and concerns.
Technocratic and masculine concept of Indian national security dominates. There is no accountability which encourages more violence