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The World Kashmir Awareness Forum strives to increase awareness of the human rights violations being perpetrated in the region of Kashmir, with the goal of bringing about change, improving conditions on the ground, and ultimately ending the misery and hardships faced by the Kashmiri people.


Column: Biden presidency can impact “most dangerous place in the world”

With a new president secured for 2021, all eyes are on the incoming Biden-Harris administration and its ha...

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Hope Article 370 will be restored in J&K with China’s support Farooq Abdullah

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How a Joe Biden Presidency Could Change U.S.-India Relations

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Islamabad asks Delhi to adopt model of peace, development

Pakistan has asked India to abandon its outmoded ‘Chanakya doctrine’ and adopt the 21st century model ...

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Kashmir Conference Through Video Link

Modi-fication of India: Portents of disaster for South Asia and beyond

World no longer buying India’s terrorism narrative on Pakistan ‘blindly’