UK parliament debate made clear Kashmir is not India’s ‘internal issue’: FM

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1 day ago

Women worst victims of Indian state terrorism in IIOJK

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A hug with Modi now endangers peace


2 days ago

UK Parliament debates critical situation of Indian Illegally Occupied Jammu and Kashmir

2 days ago

Kashmiris suffering as ‘India flexes its power’ over disputed region:

4 days ago

January: the month of bloody carnages

4 days ago

India Denies Medical Treatment to the Kashmiri Leaders


5 days ago

“I’m questioning continuing in politics, I’ve never been like this” Omar Abdullah

New Delhi/Srinagar: Advance Press Release:

“I’m deeply jaded, I’m demotivated, ...

6 days ago

Feb 5 Kashmir Solidarity Day


6 days ago


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