Dr. G.A Mir

Dr. G.A Mir


Born and raised in Kashmir, Dr. Mir started his journey into the world of liberation activism at the age of 16 as the Organizer of the Sopore chapter of Jammu and Kashmir Students Youth League, a college student led liberation movement. After finishing his medical school education in Kashmir, he emigrated to the United States in 1974 to complete his training in Medicine and Gastroenterology.

During his early years in the United States, he served as the founding chairman of ISNA Founders Committee at the Islamic Society of North America. He also served in different capacities as one of the founders of the Islamic Society of Akron and Kent (ISAK). While at ISAK, Dr. Mir served as the founding chair of the Jewish-Muslim Dialogue between the Islamic Society of Akron and Kent and Temple Israel of Akron.

In 2019, Dr. Mir retired from the Cleveland Clinic Gastroenterology department to devote his time to Kashmir advocacy as the founder and president of the World Kashmir Awareness Forum alongside five other dedicated board members. His main areas of focus include advocacy of restoration of the right to self-determination and basic human rights and political rights of the people of Jammu and Kashmir.

In his professional career and now as president of the World Kashmir Awareness Forum, Dr. Mir continues to have a keen interest in managing organizational and administrative matters with high regard for the members of the boards and the staff.

The majority of his extended family resides in Kashmir. However, due to his outspoken activism on the atrocious political and human rights violations in Kashmir, Indian authorities have prevented him from returning to the region for over 30 years.