Is it a bird? Is it a plane? It’s Indians on a Twitter rampage after Superman ‘demilitarised Kashmir’

Oct 22, 2021 | Kashmir Coverage (General News)

When DC Comic’s Superman pops up on our television screens to save the day, it usually leaves viewers pretty happy at the outcome. However, the Man of Steel’s recent crime fighting gig in occupied Kashmir has left many Indians, especially those who support the ruling BJP, pretty enraged.

Many have taken to social media to call for a boycott of the cartoon superhero after a viral clip from the animated film Injustice showed Superman destroying military infrastructure and calling the region “disputed Kashmir”.

DC Comic’s latest animated film Injustice was released on October 19 and tells the story of Superman on an “alternate Earth” where the villainous Joker tricks Superman into killing his love interest Lois Lane and their unborn child. The loss drives the hero to near madness and he decides to save the Earth by forcefully implementing peace.

A particular clip from Injustice recently began to make rounds on Twitter, showing a determined Superman destroying a plane to demilitarise Kashmir. It wasn’t long before the clip got noticed by BJP politicians and supporters.

“In disputed Kashmir, Superman and Wonder Woman destroyed every piece of military equipment declaring it an arms-free zone,” said the video’s voiceover.

Many took offence to Kashmir being called “disputed” in the animated film and called it “anti India propaganda” propagated by “Westerners”.

Westerners weren’t the only one conspiring against India. Superman himself seems to be an ISI agent hellbent on challenging India’s sovereignty. When he’s not working on the ISI’s payroll against India, he’s buddying up with the CIA as a double agent against the country.

The BJP bhakhts were just as enraged as their representatives. One user pointed out the exact plane Superman destroyed in the clip. Maybe Superman should have sent a memo before destroying a multi-billion dollar plane?

No wonder Superman has a bone to pick with India, the folks at DC Comics are all pro-Pakistan. Why else would Ms Marvel be Pakistani-American then?

And in case they aren’t pro Pakistan, they’re still propaganda fuelling “westerners”, American “westerners” to be precise.

Users demanded Indian PM Narendra Modi take action right away.

Hashtags such as #antiIndiaSuperman and #BoycottSuperman have been trending on Indian Twitter.

While it seems quite tense across the border, folks in Pakistan seem pretty amused at the revelation that Superman might be an undercover agent for the ISI or even the army.

Looks like Superman really hit a nerve with his peace-keeping mission.

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