Kashmir News Weekly Roundup: 10/15-10/22


Indian occupying forces rally with Israeli flags in Kashmir

Indian occupation forces displayed Israeli flags atop their convoys across Kashmir. Eye-witnesses from Kulgam, Shopian, and Kupwara reported that the military convoys from these locations were carrying Israeli flags. “They are doing this to taunt us. They know that Israel is committing a mass massacre in Palestine and want us to be reminded of the same. The forces know we support our Muslim brothers in Palestine who are fighting against occupation,” an eyewitness told us.

Although India has historically voted in favor of Palestine at the United Nations, recently, the country’s relations with Israel have been growing stronger. Both are criticized by activists as brutal occupiers of native lands in Palestine and Kashmir. India copies the Zionist playbook of occupation in Kashmir. Recently, India allowed Israeli officials to set up a base in the Harwan region of Kashmir, in addition to its ‘centers of excellences’, which are now dotted across the Line of Control with Pakistan. India also has an unofficial military and strategic collaboration with Israel, receiving arms, ammunition, and military-grade technology for surveillance.

Two Kashmiri Muslims detained for expressing solidarity with Palestine

Two Kashmiri Muslims were detained in the Srinagar district of Kashmir for expressing solidarity with the Palestinian people. Indian Police summoned the two individuals, took away their devices, and physically tortured them.

One of the detainees told us that he was beaten inside the police station for sharing a status on WhatsApp, which said, “Palestine lives in our hearts. Death to the occupiers.” The teenager said he was told not to share anything adverse against India’s allies in the future, or he would be booked under PSA.

India and Israel have become strategic and military partners over the past decade. Human rights groups and activists see both brutal occupiers in Palestine and Kashmir. India is attempting to replicate Israel’s strategy of occupation and aims to push a similar settler colonial project by displacing the native Muslim population of Kashmir.

News Updates:

After Israeli airstrike on Palestine, India closes the largest mosque in Kashmir

After Israel started bombing Palestine, the sentiment in Kashmir has been anger and resentment. However, complete censorship and brutality of the occupying regime have prevented any ability to express this. In one of their first efforts to clampdown on any potential opposition, the Indian occupation regime in Kashmir has stopped allowing prayers in the Jamia Masjid.

“We had made posters and planned to express our support to the Palestinian cause,” a local told us. “But the occupiers are the same everywhere.”

The Anjuman-i-Auqaf Jama Masjid has also raised concerns about the recurring closure of the Jama Masjid Srinagar gates during Friday prayers. “For the second consecutive Friday, police officials once again closed the gates of Jama Masjid Srinagar and informed the Auqaf not to open the gates for Friday prayers,” a press release said.

India’s Occupation regime gives away land in Kashmir to 350 Indian families

The Indian Occupation regime has sanctioned Kashmiri land to 350 Indian families in line with its colonial agenda of settling Indian Hindus in the valley by displacing Kashmiri Muslims. Although there is no clarity from the regime on who these families are, sources in the government told us that the policy is to provide land and protection to Hindu settlers.

The regime is doing this under the guise of providing land to the landless. “More than 350 eligible families have been allotted 5-marla plots of land by the Deputy Commissioners after carrying out proper verifications about their claims. In the next few days, all such landless persons eligible under phase-I would be provided the suitable plots of land as per the scheme’s rules,” a DIPR statement issued to the press revealed.

Chief Secretary Arun Kumar Mehta Friday addressed a high-level meeting to review the land allotment of 5 Marlas to the landless eligible families of the UT under PMAY (Grameen). The PMAY scheme primarily employs Hindus who have been claiming that they are Kashmiri Pandits. However, sources in the department told us that many Indian Hindus from BJP-ruled states like Gujarat and Maharashtra have been claiming Kashmiri ancestry and have been granted jobs under the scheme. The same people are now applying for land allotment.

Fatal clash at Line of Control: Indian Army’s operation in Uri sector claims a life

Last Sunday, the Indian Occupation Army claimed to have stopped an infiltration attempt by Kashmiri resistance fighters along the Line of Control in the Uri sector of the Baramulla district in north Kashmir. Army tweeted on X (previously Twitter) that a joint operation was started along the LoC on Saturday based on specific input.

According to the Army, a shootout broke out when contact was made with infiltrating fighters during the operation. Six handguns and four hand grenades were among the weapons and ammo found during the raid, according to the report.

In the past, Indian occupation forces have been killing innocent civilians in Kashmir and dubbing them militants. In many instances, civilians arrested on fake charges were taken out of jails and killed on the line of control to be dubbed as militants for army officials to get rewarded and promoted.

Two innocent Kashmiris kidnaped by Occupation Police released by court

The High Court of Jammu & Kashmir and Ladakh has ordered the immediate release of two individuals, overturning their detention under the Public Safety Act (PSA). The two Kashmiri Muslims were kidnapped from their homes by occupation police and subsequently arrested and booked under anti-terrorism laws.

Justice Sindhu Sharma’s bench revoked the detention order against Mohammad Hanief Guroo from Rabitar, Gundi Roshan Ganderbal, and granted his habeas corpus petition. Guroo had been detained based on a 10th May 2023 order from the Srinagar District Magistrate. The Court instructed the authorities to release Guroo from preventive custody promptly unless he was needed in another case.

Indian Army man injured by Pakistani fire, says Occupation Army

According to Indian military troops, sniper fire from the Pakistani side of the Line of Control (LoC) in the Kupwara area of Jammu and Kashmir injured an Indian army soldier. On Friday night, this occurrence took place in the Keran area.

According to the occupying forces, the Pakistani army used sniper fire to strike an Indian army station in the Keran area, inflicting injuries to Soldier Saurav Kumar. He was quickly sent to the 92-base military hospital in Srinagar for expert medical care.
According to medical experts, the soldier is hurt but in stable condition, and his life is not in danger right now.

Indian Police seize residence of family of resistance fighter

Police on Friday said the property of an absconding militant currently residing in Pakistan has been attached under relevant law. The property, however, belongs to the family of the said resistance fighter living in exile.

Immovable property, consisting of 01 Kanal and 15 Marlas of orchard land located in Noorpora, has been seized by the Police Awantipora per Section 83 of the CrPC. The order was issued by the Court of Additional Sessions Pulwama (NIA Court) and executed by Revenue authorities in conjunction with the police and village representatives.

The individual in question, Feroz Ganie, was associated with a case registered under FIR No. 36/2023. The charges included violations of Sections 18, 20, 23, 25, 38, and 39 of the UA(P) Act, as well as Section 7/25 of the Indian Arms Act at the Tral Police Station.