Kashmir News Weekly Roundup: 11/26-12/3


Teachers and Academics summoned by Occupation Authorities after protests in campuses

Hundreds of teachers and heads of department have been summoned after protests rocked campuses across Kashmir against a blasphemous post by a Hindu Indian student at NIT. The department heads have been questioned and asked how the protests were allowed.

After an Indian Hindu student studying at NIT Srinagar shared posts on his social media targeting the Prophet Muhammad, thousands of students studying in campuses across Kashmir participated in demonstrations condemning the insulting posts.

The students demanded that strict action be taken against the Hindu student for the provocative posts, following which the institute abruptly announced winter vacation in the middle of the course. Sources inside the departments told us that after a military vehicle came and ensured the safety of the student, the heads of all major academic institutions were summoned by the occupation authorities and ordered to quell the protests by any means necessary. The occupation police have also made a list of students who participated in the protests.

This is not the first time that academic institutions are targeted by the Indian Occupation Police. “For the past one decade the crackdown on our academic spaces is extreme. They are running these institutions like military camps. Some of our Vice Chancellors are either retired military officials or Bureaucrats who have no connection with academics,” a student leader told us. “The presence of these Hindu students, who are backed by extremist Hindutva organizations and protected by the army, has only rubbed salt on our wounds. They have the freedom and liberty to do, and say, anything they want.”


Srinagar youth detained for two year old ‘anti-India post’

A Srinagar youth was detained by the occupying troops earlier this week after he was summoned to the local police station for questioning. The family was later told about the imprisonment of their child for allegedly publishing ‘provocative posts against the Indian state’ on social media. The police assertions have been rejected by the family, who have called the accusations untrue and unfounded.

A family member stated, “We have only been informed that two years ago, our son posted about the Indian state’s ban on the 8th Muharram mourning procession while allowing Hindus to hold the religious and political rallies at the city center.” The family then asked, “Is that a legitimate explanation, or is it just an excuse to harass us without cause?”

The family is concerned that their son may be sent to an Indian jail outside of Kashmir after being charged under the harsh UNLAWFUL ACTIVITIES (PREVENTION) ACT. It is worth noting that hundreds of civilians from Kashmir have been arrested by the occupying forces on false pretenses and are being held in various Indian jails. The Indian government has been suppressing any dissent by arresting people under terror laws, which carry serious charges that carry a life sentence or even death penalty.

One of the violations of human rights that the fascist Indian regime is committing against the people of Kashmir—which has become even more intense since Article 370 was abolished—is the detention of individuals without legal justification; this can have fatal consequences. The Government of India is using the example of detaining critics of the regime to intimidate and silence others who dare to speak out against India’s illegal occupation of Kashmir.

News Updates:

Kashmir facing increased AIDS risk due influx of Indian tourists, laborers, military personnel

The cases of HIV/AIDS are increasing with each passing year in Jammu and Kashmir, as a total of 6,305 patients have tested positive in the region from 1998 until October 2023. Experts fear the occupied region is at greater risk due to the heavy influx of tourists and migrant laborers from India.

According to reports 1,452 HIV-positive patients have died since 1998 until October 2023, while 3,583 patients are living on Anti-Retroviral Therapy (ART). Doctors added that 521 patients have left follow-up.

They also mentioned that J&K’s reputation as a tourist destination, the large influx of migrant laborers, the high concentration of occupying forces, and the existence of long-distance truck drivers—who are thought to be a vulnerable bridge population for HIV transmission—all contribute to the region’s increased risk of HIV/AIDS. As per the doctors, high concentration of occupying forces, over 900,000 military personnel, is a contributing factor.

Seven Kashmiri students arrested for celebrating Australia’s cricket win

Following an altercation with the Indian students, seven Kashmiri students who are enrolled at the Sher-e-Kashmir University of Agricultural Sciences and Technology (SKUAST) in the Ganderbal region of Kashmir have been placed under police custody. This incident happened after Kashmiri students began celebrating Australia’s victory after India lost to them in the men’s cricket World Cup final on November 19.

The students now face charges under Section 13 of the Unlawful Activities Prevention Act and Sections 505 and 506 of the Indian Penal Code for suspected offenses relating to criminal intimidation and public mischief, as described in a formal complaint.

Occupation Authorities grab 804 kanals of land across JK

The imposed JK administration granted administrative sanction for the transfer of land for what are being referred to as “various public purposes,” as the looting and theft of Kashmir’s resources and territory have continued. These include the transfer of land for the construction of the following: the Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya (JNV) at Zainpora, Shopian; the National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) Battalion Headquarters in district Samba; the Indian Council of Medical Research, National Institute of Virology (ICMR – NIV), North Zone Unit at Jammu; the police post at Moochwa, Budgam; and the National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) Battalion Headquarters at Zainpora, Shopian.

The transfer of 85 Kanals of land in favor of the J&K Department of Industries and Commerce (I&C) was authorized by the Administrative Council. Approval was given to another plan in which Wanpoh Qazigund, Anantnag, 20 Kanal of land was to be transferred for the Munsif Court Complex. The School Education Department was also given approval for the transfer of 90 Kanals and 10 Marlas of land located in Zainapora, Shopian. Additionally, AC allowed the National Disaster Response Force (NDRF), MHA GoI, to receive a transfer of State land in District Samba totalling 568 Kanals.

47 civilians killed in military operations in Rajouri-Poonch districts this year

The military action by the occupying troops this year has resulted in 47 civilian killings in the Jammu and Kashmir districts of Rajouri and Poonch. According to a report, 16 members of the occupying troops died and 24 resistance fighters also killed in the area.

Four Indian army officers, including two captains, were among the deceased. They were slain last week during a military operation against resistance members in the Rajouri neighborhood of Bajimaal.

According to the report, this year has seen the killing of nine resistance fighters, eleven members of the occupying forces, and seven civilians in Rajouri, and five members of the occupying forces and fifteen resistance fighters in the Poonch area.

Oxygen-dependent patients face critical situations due to unscheduled power cuts

The health of patients who depend on oxygen assistance at home is being seriously threatened amid an enforced electricity shortage and unplanned power outages in Kashmir. Patients in Srinagar are in a precarious situation due to inconsistent electricity supplies, while those who live in rural regions have much greater difficulties. Patients in different parts of Srinagar conveyed their distress, stating that the frequent and unforeseen power outages have turned their oxygen supply, which is their lifeline, into a cause of worry and agony.

In other parts of Srinagar, patients and their families said that they are finding it difficult to coordinate power backup plans and to make sure their loved ones are safe. Although some have turned to alternate power sources, they noted that not everyone can afford generators or backup power supplies, and these options have their own set of drawbacks.

Many patients come from financially disadvantaged backgrounds and families disclosed that although many patients rely on concentrators given by non-governmental organizations, getting daily oxygen cylinder refills continues to be a difficult issue.

Kashmiri Resistance fighter killed in South Kashmir’s Pulwama

During a military operation on Thursday night in the Arihal region of south Kashmir’s Pulwama district, the Indian occupying forces murdered a recently recruited local resistance fighter who was linked with one of the armed resistance groups fighting against illegal Indian Occupation of Kashmir.

The combatant was identified as Pinjoora Shopian resident Kifayat Ayoub Alie, son of Mohd Ayoub Alie, who had started fighting on October 4 of this year, according to the police. The police statement also stated that one firearm, two grenades, two magazines, and five bullets were taken from his possession.