Masood highlights plight of people in India-held Kashmir

Feb 23, 2021 | Religious Persecution

KARACHI: “Every day in India-occupied Kashmir is like doomsday and today is no different. Today also the mothers there will mourn over the bodies of their martyred sons. And if they are lucky enough to be alive, they will find themselves being thrown into concentration camps there,” said President of Azad Jammu & Kashmir Sardar Masood Khan during a meet-the-press programme of the Karachi Press Club here on Saturday.

“It is such terrorism that the people of occupied Kashmir are facing on a daily basis. The honour of Kashmiri women is also at stake,” he said.

“And all these crimes against humanity are committed against the Muslim population of India-occupied Kashmir, who are in a majority there, but not for long if the Modi government and the Bharatiya Janata Party are allowed to carry out their agenda,” he said.

“The Indian government has been pushing Hindus into occupied Kashmir as they kill more and more indigenous Muslims. These people from all over India are also being issued domiciles and they are not just entering educational institutions and grabbing jobs, but also taking over land and property. In fact, they are encroaching on and laying claims on land that was rightfully owned by the Muslims of that region,” he pointed out.

About those who support the cause of Kashmir, President Masood Khan said that they have been shown support by Turkey, Malaysia and the United Arab Emirates. And not just these countries, the ASEAN countries, the European Parliament, the British Parliament and the US Congress have also noticed the gross violations of human rights in India-occupied Kashmir even though the United Nations turns a blind eye.

“The Muslims of India-occupied Kashmir are like an endangered species. But the world raises alarm when you hurt an endangered species though nothing of the sort is happening for these people as the human rights violations continue openly,” he said.

“India sees Kashmir as the first step. Next they want to take Pakistan in order to create their ‘Akhand Bharat’,” he pointed out.

Later, while answering a question regarding retaliation from Pakistan, the AJK president said that Pakistan has already replied to Indian attacks in the form of numerous wars for Kashmir with India. “But it shouldn’t be just the armed forces of Pakistan standing up to defend Kashmir, it should also be the people of Pakistan who should raise their voices for the freedom of Kashmir,” he said. “Don’t lose hope for Kashmir. Keep the faith,” he added.

While replying to another question regarding new US President Joe Biden, who is now in the process of reversing the former president’s policies and may not be as friendly with Modi as President Trump was, President Masood Khan said that yes, Biden should be approached from the diplomatic platform for the Kashmir issue now.

Shazia Hasan | Published in Dawn