Modi regime crosses all limits of brutalities in IIOJK

Feb 19, 2021 | Brutality by Occupying Forces

Srinagar, February 13 (KMS): In Indian illegally occupied Jammu and Kashmir, Narendra-Modi led fascist BJP government has crossed all limits of brutalities, making the lives of the people of the territory a living hell. An analytical report released by the Research Section of Kashmir Media Service, today, said that killings, arrests, cordon and search operations, use of brute force and destruction of houses by Indian troops and police had become a norm in the occupied territory. It said that the fresh wave of violence and atrocities by Indian troops had increased the miseries of innocent Kashmiris who were already suffering immensely due to the months-long military siege imposed by India. It pointed out that the troops martyred 309 Kashmiris including 35 in custody since August 05, 2019 when Modi regime revoked special status of IIOJK. The report maintained that amid the fast deteriorating political and human rights situation in IIOJK, the rising tide of premeditated and politically motivated violence against the Kashmiris by Indian forces’ personnel amounts to war crimes. “Recent incidents of violence by Indian forces in IIOJK have proven that India seems to follow the footsteps of Israel. Killing young Kashmiris in fake encounters, maiming and mutilating their dead bodies intentionally, destroying civilian properties, demolishing homes and reducing them to rubble is India’s new policy to intimidate the Kashmiris into submission,” it pointed out. The report said that unending stories of tragedy and trauma were surfacing every other day in IIOJK. It said that recently, Indian troops resorted to the worst kind of state terrorism at Lawaypora in Srinagar killing three youth in a fake encounter in late December 2020. It deplored that India had denied the bodies of the martyred youth to inflict more pain to their families. The report said that despite using all its resources during the last over seven decades India has miserably failed to suppress the Kashmiris’ freedom sentiments and they are determined to continue their resistance against its illegal occupation.