Protest at United Nations General Assembly: Kashmiris Demand Human Rights, Self-Determination from India’s Modi

Sep 17, 2021 | Press Release

Saturday, September 25th at 1:00pm EST
United Nations Plaza, NYC

The United Nations Security Council enshrined Kashmir’s right to self-determination via plebiscite over 70 years ago – yet this vote has never taken place. Today, the region remains illegally occupied by India, with 100,000 civilian lives lost. Under Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Hindu Nationalist party, conditions have further deteriorated, and Kashmir’s limited autonomies have been revoked. The region is on the brink of disaster and genocide.

WHAT: Protest against Prime Minister Narendra Modi on the day of his address to the United Nations General Assembly. Organized by the U.S.-based nonprofit World Kashmir Awareness Forum, the protest will include Kashmiris and allies from across the world. Demands include:

  • Immediately lift the military occupation, release all political prisoners, and restore communications and internet connectivity for all
  • Halt and rescind all laws instituted to accelerate demographic changes and promote the ethnic, cultural and political cleansing of the Kashmiri people
  • Allow Kashmiris to exercise their unfettered right of self-determination through a free and fair referendum

WHEN: Saturday, September 25 at 1:00pm EST

WHERE: First Avenue & 47th Street, UN Plaza, Manhattan, NY


Background on Kashmir

The region of Jammu and Kashmir is facing a devastating occupation and humanitarian crisis. 73 years of Indian military occupation have produced an existential threat, with 100,000 civilian deaths, 10,000 missing, and civic, political and economic life critically suppressed. In the past year, conditions have further deteriorated due to forced demographic changes and the lockdown and an at-will communication blackout imposed by the Modi government, paralyzing the state’s economy, education, healthcare system and social existence. UN-appointed independent human rights experts have called for urgent action in the region, amid concerns of ongoing abuses against civilians there.

About the World Kashmir Awareness Forum

Founded in 2005, the World Kashmir Awareness Forum is a Washington, DC-based 501(c)(3) non-profit organization focused on providing information on the conflict in Kashmir and advocating for Kashmiris in the region and throughout the diaspora. To accomplish its mission, World Kashmir Awareness Forum produces, aggregates and amplifies news articles and events relevant to the region, organizes and participates in demonstrations and rallies, and engages in advocacy efforts with diplomatic, civic, religious, human rights, political and advocacy organizations, confronting the human rights abuses perpetrated in Kashmir and supporting the region’s right to self-determination. Learn more at