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Religious Persecution

Muslims have been an integral part of the social fabric of India since before independence. Religious persecution in the Kashmir region has persisted since the partitioning of India. In 1947, Dogra police massacred a quarter million Muslims forcing another half million to relocate to Pakistan.

Even a half century later the situation has not improved. In 2000, 35 Sikhs were killed at the behest of the Indian Army when U.S. President Bill Clinton visited the Chitti Singhpura region.

In 2019, The Modi government stripped the constitutional autonomy of India’s Muslim-majority state Jammu and Kashmir. Police forces have sat by while mobs of pro-Modi supporters attacked Muslim citizens. And the government has also deported Rohingya Muslims, victims of the genocide in Myanmar, back to that country to face violence.
Every day brings new stories of religious persecution by the Modi government and we are committed to detailing their atrocities here.

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