The Kashmir Advocacy Organization emphasizes the right of Kashmiris to freedom of expression

May 4, 2021 | WKA in The Media

Washington, May 3 (APP): A leading Kashmir advocacy group has demanded international solidarity for human rights and freedom of expression in the illegally occupied Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir (IOJK). There is no press freedom in the disputed area.

The World Kashmir Awareness Forum, based in Washington, said in a statement to the World Press: , And uses intimidating tactics. ” Independence Day, which is being celebrated on Monday.

According to the headline, “At the same time, government followers are silent and harassing online to discredit those who talk, study and report on Kashmir from abroad.”

Condemning their actions, the forum said that illegal killings, violence, disappearances, displacement and sexual violence against Kashmiris should be brought to light and held accountable.

“Largely, access to reliable information is a matter of life or death for more than 13 million Kashmiris, and it is essential in the struggle for a just solution.”

Noting that UNESCO celebrated World Press Freedom Day in 1991, acknowledging that “a free, pluralistic and independent press is an integral part of any democratic society.”

The World Kashmir Awareness Forum said, “Thirty years later,” when it aggressively censors and retaliates against reporting on Kashmir, it is unreasonable for India to call itself the world’s largest democracy.

“We, the Kashmiri people, call on the international community to unite to defend our human rights and freedom of expression,” the forum said. “This will require the advocacy and bravery of the international press and the diplomatic commitment of the world’s leading democracies.”

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