We have made a huge strategic mistake in J-K: Rahul Gandhi

Feb 2, 2022 | Kashmir Coverage (General News)

Congress Member of Parliament and Gandhi family scion Rahul Gandhi on Wednesday attacked the union government over the policies undertaken by the present political dispensation in Jammu and Kashmir. 

“We have made a huge strategic mistake in Jammu and Kashmir,” Rahul Gandhi Rahul Gandhi said in motion of thanks to the presidential address.

Rahul Gandhi also asked the Prime Minister why India does not get any guests now. “Ask yourself why you don’t get a guest for Republic Day because India today is completely isolated and surrounded. We have been weakened.”

He asked why our institutions are under attack. “China has a clear vision of what they want to do. The strategic goal of India should have been to keep China and Pakistan separate,” he said.

“But what you have done is to bring them together. Do not underestimate what we are facing. This is a serious threat to India,” he said.

He also said that government can’t rule over India without taking states on board, without consulting the states.

“It is a bouquet of flowers that can never be challenged by any power in the world,” he said.

He said that there are two visions of India. “One is that India is a union of states which means negotiation, conversation. It is not a kingdom. You will never rule over the people of Tamil Nadu…You are not the king,” he said.

He said that the confused idea of the nation of India is playing havoc with the country.

“When PM Modi is personally going to Israel and authorising pegasus, he is attacking the people of Tamil Nadu, he is attacking the people of Assam,” Rahul Gandhi said.

“You are fiddling with something very very dangerous. I know something about the idea of India because blood has been sacrificed for this country not by me but by my family members. My father was blown into bits,” Rahul Gandhi said.

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